September 8, 2015

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Why Japan is Haunted Place in the World: Top 12 Goose Bumps Japanese Rumor

Many notable people in the world of paranormal research will state that by populace, the Japanese are very haunted country. I have loved eye opening and frightening haunted visits I have had to my Japan life. I expect many more real haunted ghost filled adventures real soon. but this this time let me post something creepy things,creepy places and unverified rumors but confirmed to some of those and said that this japan urban legends and japan haunted place where totally experience unusual happening until now.

12. Saitama Fukiage Tunnel

Saitama Fukiage Tunnel -Various rumors of Ghost infestation often hears inside the tunnels, such as the soul of the woman who put on a white kimono and wandering the place.
However, there’s also a certain story that the site where Tsutomu Miyazaki (an Otaku killer of a little girl from 1962 to 2008) murdered the four young girls and abandoned the body of four in Fukiage tunnel is one of the Source of creepy happenings of the place. other said, When walking around here, you began to feel unpleasant weight in the shoulder and a great pain.


11. Noh Mask

Noh Mask is classified as one of the scariest and creepiest of all Japanese rumors.
The appearance of these masks is creepy mainly because half side of the face has crying expressions while the other half is smiling, but even more crazy is the fact that mask has the power to absorb the negative aura or energy (anger, hatred, anguish) from the owner. After persuading the owner to wear the mask, Noh Mask then control and consume the negative aura until the owner begins to rot. Even creepier, Noh Mask switches the body once the owner is dead but it doesn’t leave the corpse behind. In fact, it sticks the old body onto the new body, which makes it the most dangerous legend as well.

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10. Atsugi Naval Airbase

atsugi naval air base- the said rumors about this place was a spirit of a young marine soldier who got killed in a car accident back in 1960 and his ghost are still often seen wandering from room to room.


9. kanagawa Prefecture keishin Hospital

kanagawa prefecture keishin hospital - is an old abandoned hospital located in military base in kanagawa ken. it said that theres a rumors of noises and a lots of individual walkings around the hospital and a lady standing the window of this hospital, The Keishin Hospital was once a pre-eminent site of super high-tech radiology equipment, leading the charge as Japan raced into the modern era but the place was left to the vandals.

8. Hone-onna

Hone-onna, one of the creepy Japanese rumor, is a gorgeous woman who is dressed in a kimono which covers her entire body except wrists, neck and face. She is incredibly beautiful, with smooth skin and long neck, but her beauty is a disguise. Hone-onna allures lonely men in dark alleys by teasing them with her looks and style. When she is succeeded in taking the man to a quiet place and convincing him to undress her, the reality of her beauty is exposed. Because under her fleshy kimono, there is no skin. As soon as the man sees the flesh and bones, the Hone-onna embraces him and sucks away his life and soul.

7. kamakura Harakiri Yagura

kamakura harakiri yagura, the word "yagura" generally means tower and can be alternatively written using the kanji for "arrow storage" or "arrow warehouse" the meaning extending more widely to mean a weapons store, for some reason in the case of these sites in Kamakura, it refers to these small caves where famous warriors committed ritual suicide. Were these sites once used to store weapons? Perhaps. But there was definitely, as far as some Japanese know, no tower here. and theres a lots of rumors that the souls of warriors are keep wandering the place.

6. Human Pillar

Human pillar is quite weird among the Japanese creepiest rumor story. Just take a look around the walls behind you, nothing happens right? Now imagine that your body or someone else's body encased in the walls, and that is human pillar.
many Japanese believed that they used human skeletons or parts of human bodies in construction,to yield a strong support to the buildings. They also believed that the use of human skeleton would serve as a sacrifice to God and thus render more stability to the architecture. Many buildings to this date have human skeletons in the foundation. This include the Matsue castle and the Jamon tunnel. Train drivers have reported hearing ghostly noises under the tunnel, which is believed to be the screams of those who were buried in the walls to support the foundations.

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5. Himeji Castle

himeji castle, may the Most Haunted Castle In Japan And The World.
the rumors about this place is about the woman named okiku who worked the castle as servant of the lord of the castle long time ago. the story begins when Okiku falling inlove with the lord of the castle. and the tragedy happens when she overheard one of her lord's chief retainers plotting to overthrow and kill the lord of Himeji and invade the castle. after hearing that, she revealed the plot to kill the lord instantly. and her fast action had saved the lord's life, the chief retainer had escaped and knows Okiku's role on messing assassination. He was determined to take his revenge.
and a couples of days Okiku’s got killed by the chiefs retainer and then her soul keep on wandering the castle as of now.


4. The Red Room Curse

the red room curse is one of the creepy as things can get. It is said that there is a pop-up message that received on the computer, which upon clicking, it takes you through a series of confuse and you'll find your name by the end of a list of names in the rudimentary Flash. The creepiest thing is that you may even find some of your friends on the list. Next day, you will be found dead in your apartment with red blood covering the walls of your room: YOU'VE COMMITTED SUICIDE.

As with other urban legends, there is a sense of truth attached to the story. Though there is little evidence of any reports, one sudden murder accident shook the entire Japan. Known as the "Sasebo slashing," it was about an event happened in 2004 where a 14-year-old student killed her best friend and later the "Red Room" video was found in her computer browser history.

3. Okiku Dolls

The origin and history of this creepy rumor came to a Japanese girl named Okiku, who once owned Okiku doll. According to this rumor, the kimono-clad, small doll is possessed by Okiku herself. People even claim that the hair of Okiku doll grows even after the hair-cuts (even to this date). An experiment was conducted on the doll’s hair which surprisingly yielded that the doll possess the hair of little girl. No scientific or theoretical explanation have provided the answer to this weird mystery. creepy.

2. Hanako-san

Hanako-san is the ghost of a little girl who is believed to possess the girl’s washroom of all the schools in Japan. The ghost of Hanako-san inhabits the third washroom on typically the third floor of the school buildings. Even creepy, there are stories that the ghost of Hanako-san responds to you when you knock the bathroom door thrice or ask her if she is there. Incidents have been reported when the ghost of little girl have dragged other girl students in the washroom after sighting. There are various speculations and theories why the ghost of Hanako-san inhabits the school washrooms.

1. Cow Head

Cow head is one of the scariest of all Japanese rumor story. Whoever listens to the complete story will experience fright and nightmares for many days. rumor says that the cow head related horrifying events started in the seventeenth century, but origin of the story is still a mystery.

One of the scariest and most famous incidents of the cow head story was when a Japanese teacher started telling some scary stories to calm students while travelling on a bus. Once he started narrating the cow story, he went in a state of trance and despite the shouting and pleading of his students to stop telling the story, the teacher could not help himself. By the end of the incident, the teacher fainted and all the children started foaming from their mouth. The driver was so scared that he sweated profusely and tremble out of horror. It is believed that people who hear the story get so scared that the horror eventually takes their life.


July 22, 2015

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What Goes Around Zalora

when weather warm up and when  you looking for a comfortable outfit that fits for you this summer, but not in a mood to bring yourself in any store around you,my comfortable way and suggestion when it comes to finding something comfy and cute to wear at home,  like you, i'm also a fashion mania   who always beeline for comfort FIRST when it comes to my fashion wear for any occasion such as date,dinner and concerts.  i do always running on Zalora. SO when situation asked me to put together my ideal looks for a few of the current and upcoming events, I immediately went to their online shop options!

Let me ask you first, when was the last time you have shop online to any online store? Seriously, there are all kinds of fashion store online anywhere? did they meet your fashion criteria and expectation?. (for me I preferred to shop Zalora, for all of that is cleared with no claiming anything bad from their fashion adviced !) their item section is totally wow! A girl could lose her mind,

elegant shoes and lovely skirt that every fashionista wanted to have in hand is all there,

I have long admired the dresses that Zalora has. They are sweet, classy, and always polished. And while perusing their latest arrivals, I spied my remaining dress from them that definitely had a bit more spice that I have known zalora for and I immediately was in love their print.

let me give you a sample item that Zalora have in hand today:



I do hope you are enjoying these finds of the day, in which I share with you some fab plus size fashion.

May 31, 2015

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5 Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

It's no secret that most of us love to shop for new clothes. There is nothing quite like that feeling of slipping on a brand new shoes or finally locating that top that matches perfectly with the rest of your ensemble. Most people spend over $1,000 per year on new clothes and there is a good chance you probably need to cut back your spending. So how do we go about this task, while still maintaining our signature fashion sense? By following these five helpful tips, of course!

1. Purchase Better Clothing

People often fall victim to the false assumption that they should purchase more clothes that are cheaper, as opposed to buying less clothes that are of a higher quality. When you splurge for quality goods, you increase the chances that they will hold up over the long haul and keep you from being forced to shop for replacements. But it is also important to toe the line between splurging for higher quality clothing and spending for the sake of spending. Take note that, even today, a lot of people still never use coupons that will save them money. With coupon codes from Discountrue you can save a lot and be able to afford better quality for the same amount of money.

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2. Shop At The Right Time Of Year
News flash: if you shop for winter clothes or summer clothes during the actual seasons, you will be paying a much higher price for them. It's the simple law of supply and demand. However, if you shop for certain seasons of clothing before the season has actually had a chance to take place, you stand a much greater chance of finding that once in a lifetime deal.

3. Wash Your Clothes Less

The more you wash your clothes, the faster they develop wear and tear. Unless washing them is absolutely necessary, try to refrain from excessive cleaning tactics. Not only does this save you money on clothes shopping, but it also leads to a decrease in your monthly utility bills, helping you to save money in multiple ways. Jeans and more sturdy clothes can be worn again after a simple airing out, so be sure to utilize this technique.

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4. Purchase Less Of What You Want
And more of what you need. Sure, it would be nice to have a pair of shoes in every single color. But how often will you truly get a chance to wear each individual pair? It's crucial to purchase clothes that you will actually get use out of it. At times, we engage in wishful thinking when it comes to clothes shopping. However, you should be able to envision the exact scenario in which you will be wearing each article of clothing before making a purchase.

5. Buy Clothes That Suit You

Don't buy clothes that you would not normally wear, in hopes of magically transforming your personality. Stay in your lane and buy the clothes that work best for your specific body type and sense of style. Try them on, in order to make sure they look good and don't be afraid to bring a brutally honest buddy who isn't scared to hurt your feelings. 

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