September 20, 2013

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New BB Germanium BB Cream Foundation SPF20 PA++ Review

After spending hard times looking for the Make up set that fits for my skin wanted.I can't believe, I found more than expectation. I waited so long to buy this foundation, I'd have to say this is my new apple of the eyes today since I'm leaving MAC (previous beauty brand) which is a big thing considering I've tried  a lots of foundations from drugstore to high end up and nothing compares to this. It is flawless and it really does stay on all day. I top this with BB germanium powder in medium and my colleagues even complemented on how nice my skin looks, Next bottle I buy will probably be a different shade as I think even the makeup artist from any Expensive make up company tutored me different type of their products  but didn't quiet match me well. I'm fair with some shadow,lines and freckles, But was matched to dhcBB Cream foundation with the exact color match my skin tone. 

  I bought it 2 products in 1 set the  BB germanium cream foundation and BB mineral powder germanium manufactured by this Cosmetic Company named dhc.(

if you asking me if what is germanium doing in a make up?  I would say sorry for I don't know also!  all I know about germanium is it can absorb any dead cells and stressed in our body and skin! so may be it can absorb a dead skin in our face also,  just guessing!!



Overall, I would agree that this powder provides a smoother and more natural appearance than ordinary powders do. When I've applied this powder, my skin somehow manages to be matte, yet retains a luminous look that I don't get with most pressed powders, probably due to the BB nature. I also love that it performed equally well regardless of what I used beneath it! For instance, my Young blood mineral powder often gives me a dewy look that leans a little towards oily by midday, but using the BB powder on top really kept shine at bay for a few more hours.

 MY RATE: 5 ★★★★★ and I love this product.

I've already worn it all week, and given it a good workout by applying it over BB cream.

*Contains a mirror and sponge applicator below the powder pan.
*Smooth, velvety texture.
*Lightweight, yet buildable (you can choose between using it on its own if you have flawless skin, or as a setting powder over BB creams or foundation).
you can purchase it from rakuten global market, and amazon.
(I accidentally drop it once and it was amazing because it was still managed to stay in one piece).

 -BB Cream Foundation-

-what I like of this BB germanium Cream foundation-

*Promotes skin elasticity with marine collagen, elastin, super hyaluronic acid and water soluble organic germanium.
*Evens fine lines and wrinkles – helps cover fine lines and crow feet's on the eyes and lifts sagging skin instantly.
*Brightens up the skin tone naturally
*Doesn’t burden the skin by using mineral make-up
*Cover up pores and unevenness on the skin by using its smooth fitting powder and spherical powder particles.
*UV protection.

September 8, 2013

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Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Story and Review

last time, I was given a chance to get invited of the perfume testing Held at the Roponggi hills of the famous perfume shop in japan, but because I already choosed my own perfume to use, I decided not to attend for it.

my new apple of the eyes are -Miss Dior blooming Bouquet.(

 Just spotted this perfume during my stop over to Thailand for an hours transit on vacation to Philippines last 2011.  from the magazine on my lap in the plane.  I was first captured by its elegant bottle and cap since I don't even try or smell it yet. going back after my vacation, I try to look this perfume to any store, when I'm on shopping or passing by some stores after work.

 I have been serious to find this perfume and expect to see if its appearance and amounts are also matched on what's inside of it. I found it in a store located in Tokyo,Ginza, and yes, what I expect is what I get, this perfume smell is great and I can say every woman wanted to have a smell like this(floral smell to the sweeter candy-like perfumes).

the cap has a design of glass ribbon with pink and gold combination color and the bottle is so much elegant more than what I saw in the magazine of japan airlines last time!

so, I don't hesitate to buy even if the amount of this perfume is thinkable first before buying, I bought it for 12,000 in yen and 140 in US dollars.why is so expensive? because I buy with a package set of travel refill spray.

and one of the reason why I did not hesitate to buy this perfume because of that.  a package set of another elegant small spare travel bottle attached on it.  the use of this travel bottle is you can put perfume in this travel bottle and you can bring it any where you go with not much heavier than carrying the main bottle.

-Refill Spray-

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