September 10, 2015

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Childhood Reminiscene: if your a Child of 90's Watching this Video will Bring you Back again

we're in an age where everything is overplayed for the simple fact that corporate companies want money, money and then some more, the millennium was a turning point for people's lives essentially, and most just miss their childhoods as their adult lives began after the millennium. this time I just wanted to share this video for all child of 90’s, like me. the reasons why growing up in the '90s was amazing, maybe All generations have their nostalgia moments.  Everyone thinks back to the "good 'ol days," but really the only thing good about them was the fact that kids don't have a lot of responsibilities holding them down but I could Say The generation of 90's is very special,Remembering those little crazy things of your childhood.

if one of this thing you spent doing on that times, then you probably had most awesome random moments.
little crazy things are worth to be remember
and i promise it can make you smile remembering that times. enjoy.

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