October 17, 2017

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top 3 from the list of affordable place to shop in japan

Ameyoko is a famous discount shopping street located in Ueno Tokyo, it is visited more often not only by Japanese but also by many tourists throughout the world who come to Japan for its cheap and discounted products,  the ameyoko is filled with all kinds of stores such as cosmetics, clothes, goods, cheap seafood, second hand, and new branded items. and if ever you want to see or buy some exotic and weird food you can find lots of stores selling it frozen, at the underground part in the middle of ameyoko street. you will reach the Ameyoko Shopping Street walking distance from Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station. (image source by fastjapan.com)
(image source by hypeintokyo.com)

Don Quijote is the best-discounted store in Japan and one of my favorite malls to window shop ever since my living here in Japan began.  if you come to Don Quijote you'll see the variety of goods at the very cheapest price. There is the supermarket for foods, makeup, gadgets, fashion clothes and accessories, appliances, weird props for any occasion such as Halloween, Christmas and a lots more. one good thing about don Quijote is because this store is open for 24 hours for a month. so! if you plan to buy the cheapest and nice souvenirs here in Japan Don Quijote is one of my recommendation for you.
(image source en.japantravel.com)

If you’re short with a budget on your travel the hyaku-en shop, is the best place to get in. the Daiso hyaku-en shop (100 yen or 1 dollar shop) A shop with good quality and affordable items could able to pick out and take home for only 100 yen. in Daiso shop, it feels homey and fun experience to shop there.  They sell a variety of items such as foods, cheap price accessories, home decoration, gardening items, sewing parts, chocolates, cosmetics, outdoors gadget, all types of kitchenware and helpful lifehacks gadget that you can't imagine it exists.(image source japantoday.com)

October 20, 2015

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How To Contour Every Different Kind of Face Shape

One of the toughest tricks to master when it comes to makeup is learning how to properly contour your face. Learning how to do that is life changing and will forever shape the way that you make your purchasing decisions, allowing you to select the right makeup. To learn more about how to contour your face, all you need to do is follow these simple steps and make the correct purchases. This guide may be minimal, but it focuses on the truly important aspects that will have your face looking its absolute best.

Draw a W 
Draw a W on your face? Surely this is some sort of misprint, right? Wrong. Troy Surratt is a celebrity makeup artist and he recommends the W drawing technique as a subtle alternative to some of the more overt facial contouring techniques that are typically recommended by the majority of beauty and fashion experts. The most important part of this tip? The W is not drawn on the face until after the foundation has been applied. The shape should be drawn on the woman's face with a bronzing powder. To start, sweep it down one of the cheekbones in a diagonal motion, all the way up to the bottom of the nose, then head back down and up to the opposing cheekbone. For the finishing touch, apply a stroke to your hairline.

How To Achieve The Best Results

While this technique may seem exceedingly simple, the way to achieve the best possible results is to go for the most natural look. To obtain this, select a bronzing powder that is not too much darker than your skin tone.

Steer clear of shimmery textures and aim for creating matte shadows. The center of the face should also be kept as luminous and light as possible, to maximize the skin's glow.

A great finishing flourish? Use a pearly highlighter to dab the tops of the cheekbones, as well as the bridge of the nose for guaranteed gorgeousness.

Products To Use

If you are ready to give contouring your face a try, remember that it's important to only use high quality products. They don't have to be expensive if you are a savvy shopper and look for special deals and promotions at such shops as Sears

Below are Some of the items that you may want to check out and will help you look your best include: 

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow - this amazing product is powered by light diffusers. When you are trying to bring out your skin's most luminous qualities, using the translucent elixir provides a spotlight effect.  
Surratt Beauty Artistique Sculpting BrushThanks to this brush, facial contouring is made easy, as it's tapered to hug the face's natural contours and add a light bronze dusting.

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder - This bronzing powder is considered to be a cult classic. Providing a variety of matte shades, the formula is forgiving, while remaining lightweight.

September 25, 2015

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Beauty Hack : How to Look Pretty Even Without Make Up

There are two reasons why we women wearing makeup. first reason is women believe that through makeup usage it could possibly gain confidence,self assurance, self trust, social competence and comfort in terms of interpersonal relationship. the second and general reason are, women wearing make up to impress guys and sometimes insecurity to other girls.  almost women now cannot go without makeup, woman believe that they don’t look good enough without it.
but as a woman what should you do to still look beautiful and never get conscious to anybody without wearing make up? skipping make up now and then will save you a lot of time and money, and will improve your skin tone and make it look more radiant.  for all woman out there here are the basic tips for looking great without makeup every single day.

if you want to look great without makeup you should always:

-Drink a lots a lots of water-

Drinking water also keeps skin hydrated and gives your face a healthier and  clear look. drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and enjoy tea from time to time, as countries rich in antioxidants and help your skin look fresh and young for a long time, even without makeup

-Regular physical Exercise-
Get your blood pumping in the morning with a light jog, workout or yoga.    Exercising makes you feel better, more active and way more attractive. Try to swim almost once a week for at least thirty to forty five minutes. This will allow movement of all portions of your body and limbs and keep your body toned and smart. To get better results, you can draft out a plan and find a partner who will be a motivation for you and join the gym on regular basis.
-Eating a good healthy food-
 If you are healthy, your skin will usually look healthy too. A healthy and flawless skin cannot be achieved without healthy diet. So feed your skin well by eating a lots of healthy foods enough, to look beautiful without makeup

-Wash your face morning,day and night-
Wash your face at least three times a day, but pay attention to the way you  wash your face, The key is to massage your wet face with soap until your whole face is covered by the foam. Massage in circular motions, so the soap deeply cleanses your pores. Then, rinse off with cold water and pat-dry your skin with the towel, so it dries your skin and keeps it clear and healthy, instead irritating it and causing darker spots or scars like rubbing the towel does.

-Proper sleep is a must in order to look your best-
You will have to make sure that you are getting sufficient sleep every night because dearth of sleep can have an impact on your facial beauty. Lack of sleep will cause dark eye bags beneath your eyes and you will look tired and worn out. Also, you will have less energy for any activity you do and you will have laziness. To look beautiful and pretty, you must ensure at least eight hours of sleep each night or more depending upon your body. (ubrn.org)
-Exfoliating the skin of your face and your body-
For glowing skin you need to be religious about exfoliating weekly. Exfoliation is a great way to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It makes your skin look fresh, radiant, and restores the natural glow of your skin.

-Exfoliate your lips at regular intervals-
You need to take special care of your lips by Massage your lips with soap to make them very clean, exfoliate them with your toothbrush and use vaseline or other lip balms to give them a moisturized look.

-Put your hair in good condition-
keep your hair clean and tidy, get your hair a cut that fits well your personality, your face shape and your hair type, Wash your hair with a good shampoo and do not forget to apply conditioner after washing them. Shiny and healthy hair makes you look more beautiful

-Take a cup of lemon water-
There are so many benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning like it helps in digestion, keeps you hydrated, purifies blood and keep skin healthy.(alfafitness.ca)

-You Are Beautiful – Convince First Yourself-
Think and believe that you have your own charisma and assert it with confidence among people instead of feeling shy before people whom you think beautiful. Understand and repeat it to yourself that you are pretty without makeup.

-Take care your Eyebrows-
enhance your eyebrows. Look yourself in your mirror and observe the shape of eyebrows. If they are over plucked and look thin, then grow them to make them thick. For that, you can apply natural coconut and olive oil on your eyebrows and do this regularly every morning.

(source: http://olwomen.com/)

March 9, 2014

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Beauty Hack: Proper Ways to Apply Your Lipstick

many women love to wear red lipstick because it is a color that can pops the shape of a lips and enhance many look.
red lips are the quintessential sexy and classy look but getting it "just right" can take a little hard and turn unexpected mistakes. when it comes to putting lipstick on my lips I don't really have a confidence to teach it with you all when I'm also struggling to choose it for myself sometimes.
but as one of those make up and fashion inventor, I am proud to say that i also have a Good instinct and taste to choose if what are the best color that fits for my lips (because every where I go, I always get a lots of compliments from anybody around me on my lips color), my first way to do before applying make up first is to choose a right lipstick that fits for my skin color by rubbing all the lipstick product I'd choose in my hand one by one. you can do yours too.

if your complexion is pink, I can say you look better in plum shades, while girl with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base. however,it is important to try different shades of red to find the one that suits you best. another things that you can do is to ask any make up retails assistant when you go shop like mac cosmetics ,clinique, chanel,shiseido,maquillage,lancom,rmk or helena rubenstein near by in your place because all of lipsticks shop had a free make up tutorials for their customer.
now your done choosing your lipstick lets proceed to apply it proper and to expect the best result after.

4 proper steps to apply your lipstick:

1. proper applying: clean and dry your lips first before doing anything. after cleaning it slightly moisturize your lips by adding a little lip balm or for best result use vaseline petroleum jelly and let it absorbed for a minutes before proceeding to the main project.

2. additional things to do to enhance the texture of your lips after applying the lip balm is to add a border line to your lips by Lip liner pencil you have, the other reason for putting this border line outside on your is to prevent lipstick from running and bleeding outside your lips boundary.

i push you to use a Lip liner with a nude color or something that is similar to the red shades of your lipstick. if your trembling on putting this and made a mistakes i suggest you to don't swipe it with your finger,use a make-up remover you have or if haven't that use a cotton bud for best result.

tips: if you don't have Lip liner, just pat a concealer across your lips and rub it outside your lips. it really had a good result.
now your finish to do the two bases before applying lipstick. now lets go to the main purpose of this tutorials.

3. you can now apply the lipstick you've choose,don't forget to include the inner part of your lips,so that when your smile the color of your real lips might be a big contrast to the redness. it is best to apply using a lip brush you have and not the entire lipstick bottle.the brushed do is to ensure that the lipstick is added precisely and it makes your lips redder,fuller and holding perfect to your lips.
4. then the last but not the least,is to apply either a clear lip gloss rub slightly once, because if you put it too much it may dribble your red lipstick and it can turn your lips like clown.(http://goo.gl/gld35E)

December 14, 2013

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Proper Cleaning Care of your Fashion and Designer Handbags

having a designer bag or fashion bag, it is normal to take care it on properly and maintaining the elegance appearance like when you first bought it. that's hard to do that again if you already used your bag for many times. but there are ways to prevent that from getting worst it more. let us give you the basic way and tips on how to take care your bag properly to make it look good always and again.

-basic care-

when not in use, store your bags in a closets This will help to protect your bags because if you do not want to lose it in the right shape or color, you can put some tissue inside of it (or some some magazine or paper), but make sure not to put too much to avoid your bag not to stretch too much too, avoid use plastic when you want to hide it in your closet because plastic can stick to leather.
if your planning to keep your bag in a long time make sure to put a silica gel inside of it before storing it.



 use a handbag organizer and sometimes a bag liner, each time when Im buying a bag i also make sure to buy some package tools on how to take care of it like bag organizer or you can use your own pouch if you have one,  using bag organizer can also help to avoid make up stain and protecting our bag from any dirt cause of things who we put inside on our bags.
 and be careful also on where to put your bags anywhere so its important also to have a hanger for your bag.                                                             (alliexpress.com)

-Cleaning outside of your handbag- 

make sure to not use any household cleaner chemicals. clean your bag using the proper cleaner for leather.

 avoid putting your handbag in a high humidity like kitchen and or the top of refrigerator.

-Cleaning inside of your handbag-

if your bags are mostly satin lining inside use a wet sponge with a super mild soap ex: liquid soap mixture with water.

you can maintain your bags like new using this tips mention above.remember bags are also investment,proper care of it will make them stay longer.

March 18, 2013

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a fine single woman must have this in mind

"5 things you believe that every single woman should have? "when I ask this to some women friends and work colleagues Their answers were thought provoking, to say the least. They answer from branded lipstick,perfume,bags,travel and "financial security," revealing that personal values remain unique to every woman. However, there were some responses that seemed to be consistent throughout from my co-workers that I do working.

-A plan for the future-

Whether your goals are educational, occupational, or both - at the top of the "must have" chart is the need to have a plan for the future. While wandering aimlessly through life is a lot of fun, it will not pay the bills or secure your retirement. Developing a plan for the future is simple: decide what you want out of life and then do some research to find out what it takes to get there. If you'd like to run your own business one day, what kind of educational path should you take? What kind of job experience should you be acquiring in the mean time? If you'd like to put some money into your account to ensure a financially sound future - what investment strategies should you use? How much money should you put into savings each pay check? Although these questions aren't necessarily fun, you will be happy you addressed them when you have a solid foundation upon which to stand. A good group of girlfriends.(mindmapture.com)

I remember this code from the movie in hollywood said "No matter who breaks your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you'll never get through it without your friends." A good group of girlfriends is better than a whole gallon of beer or any brandy in the freezer. When times are good, you will have someone to share in your successes and celebrations. When times are bad, you will have someone to come over at 3 a.m and pull your head out of the oven. No woman is an island, not even you. Though your independence is impressive, we all need people to lean on when our resolve waivers.

-A solid sense of self-identity-

Self-identity is the source of self-confidence and self-respect. A woman who knows who she is and what she wants also knows what she deserves and refuses to settle for less. And why should you settle for less? You're fabulous! The ugly truth is: people will do whatever you let them get away with. So put a stop to it! Demand respect from others. Carry that confidence around with you like a huge blinking neon sign. Show the world you are proud of who you are, know what you want, and won't stop until you get it.

-Good health-

A single woman on the move has to be up for anything. You simply can't be ready at a moment's notice if you're laid up on the couch guzzling cough syrup. Take care of yourself. See a doctor regularly. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods and maintaining a regular exercise regimen. Take your vitamins. What happens if your boss decides that today is the day you're ready for your big promotion and you've called out sick? What if today is the day that the hottie in legal has worked up the nerve to ask you out, but you're lying in bed in a sea of used Kleenex? It's not cute, and definitely not productive! A n integral part of ensuring both a fulfilling future and the highest quality of life is to make the practice of health a priority.(paleoforwoman.com)

Ultimately, you can choose where your life will lead you. Strive for those things that will help you get to where you'd like to be in the next five or ten years. In a world that's constantly in motion, it's essential to think beyond next Saturday night - and the only person who can do that for you is you. Today's single woman is empowered and independent. So grab the bull by the horns, kick butt and take names, and most importantly, remember that we are all the masters of our own destiny no matter what our personal plan in the future.

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