April 10, 2013

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What are the Negative Effects of Jelousy with your Relationship and Life

Jealousy can be harmless if it keep moderated,because if not, it can turn out in hand very easily. jealous had a lot's of negative effects and mostly cause on break up of relationship,the person who felt this will result to feel insecurities.,
that is why it is important to look and moderate if what you feel is normal or overreacting before it become worst.

-Negative Effects of Jealousy in a Relationship-

* fighting - Jealousy can make your atmosphere inevitably to fight with your partner. you or him will be angry for losing your trust each .
and you will notice that eventually of fight so much that you don't find time for anything else and just want to express your angered emotion.(source cravebits.com)
* wrong accusations - you will Find yourself in a feeling of jealous on useless thing. that feeling will force you to falsely accuse your partner.and it will happen more and more often until it escalate to complete problem. Accusing your partner of something that you don't have proof is poison for the relationship.
(source marianne.cz)
* break up - if you have no way to get over with that jealousy , you will find yourself alone. if anyone who accused of doing something wrong with someone if they really are not. will turn and leads to depression for feeling alone.
(source georgiasjuice.com)
* illness - Jealousy issue can make and cause your mind and health ill. It can create stress,nausea,nerves illness, upset stomach, diarrhea and a lots of physical problems. jealousy issues may lead to more and more serious sickness. and lead to more tension in the relationship.
(source theguardian.com)
if you find yourself still allowing jealousy to consume your life, maybe it is time for you to seek counseling to find out what is the mean cause of it. or maybe it will be your past relationship, or how you parents raised you,the enviroment you have or it could be because your present relationship isn't working well already. make a move now to prevent jealousy for destroying your entire life.

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