September 18, 2015

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How to Avoid Being with the Abuser or Batterer Person

 I received a call from a friend yesterday,  It's been a years not keeping in touch with her since she decide to stop working and become a full-time housewife to her husband.
 I thought it was a call to say hi and how are you now? long time no see can we meet for a dinner sometimes?  but I was shock to hear her crying voice on the other line, I ask her if what happen? she answered, with hesitation voice that she and her husband had a fight to end up Beating her. beating your wife or a partner is a very serious matter and that's what I am gonna concentrate in this articles.

   there a lots of studies around who attempt to explain why some men use violence against their partners. maybe Some of those studies include the following: alcohol dependency, drugs, economic hardship, family dysfunction, lack of spirituality, poor communication skills, provocation by women,stress and third-party.
for me, even if these factors are associated but not a causes for battering women,  still the violence of men against women will not come to an end. why? I think the abuser still using violence as an effective method for gaining and keeping his control over someone else.
below are the sign of batterer and abuser person. maybe there some of you are not satisfied with the result but consider it as a reference for your own beliefs,there are some characteristics that fit the profile of abusers and batterer man.
-the Batterer Person Has-

# an abuser or batterer - has low self-esteem. He feels powerless and ineffective. Although he may seem to be successful, inside he feels inadequate.

# an abuser or batterer - want to control a woman if its akin for independence.

# an abuser or batterer - finds external excuses for his behavior. He will blame his violence on having had a bad day, alcohol or drug use, his partner’s behavior or anything that comes to mind to excuse his violent actions.

# an abuser or batterer -  is Explaining violence as an expression of his deep love.

# an abuser or batterer - are Shifting blame for his actions and their effects to others, especially to woman, or to external factors such as job stress.(
# an abuser or batterer - was Seeing a woman as his property.

# an abuser/batterer - may display some warning signs such as: a bad temper, cruelty to animals, extreme jealousy, possessiveness, verbal abuse and/or unpredictability.(
# an abuser/batterer -  sees women as objects. He does not view women as people. He has no respect for women as a group. He sees women as property and sexual objects.

choose wisely a right person to be with.

September 1, 2013

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What are the Bad Luck Age in Japanese Culture

like Chinese People Beliefs, Japanese cultured had a bad and good belief also, when they are reaching the age of bad luck numbers you will see them doing some things like approaching temple,having an offering,praying on a fall and climbing on a mountain.( 
 maybe some of you not aware of this beliefs neither i too, what are the Japanese men and women bad luck ages? Japanese had a three reference for being an unlucky age for men, in one place, the most danger ages for men are 41,42 and 61. 

how about women? i know you're wondering, some Japanese friends said are 19,26,32 and 33.and for children are 3,9 and 13 is considered unlucky as we known for an unlucky date also, some Japanese i know also told me that equal 88 is the total unluckiest ages of men. don't know yet whats the meaning of that, but now i get to understand quite about their beliefs. why Japanese keep on believing this misfortune age belief as of now? 

 -Basic reason- 

 that is all because of their language meaning. in japan language the no. 4 was "shi", 2 was "ni" so! 4= shi + 2=ni = shi-ni if you joined it,could "SHINI" and in Japanese word 'shini' means "Death" I'm Amazed with their simple and rare basing, you will notice that Japanese are  dedicated on numbers. 

Japanese numbers and its meaning in Japanese language: 42= death 9= suffering 33=trouble and disaster 


did you know that Japanese hospital never use or do not make room no. 4 and 9, if you ride on the elevator in japan you will notice that some numbers are missing.

Bad luck age are known "Yakudoshi" in Japanese language, and all Japanese people who reached the boundaries of the age above are most people who approaching temples and get offering to get away with this course and off misfortune.

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