July 22, 2015

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What Goes Around Zalora

when weather warm up and when  you looking for a comfortable outfit that fits for you this summer, but not in a mood to bring yourself in any store around you,my comfortable way and suggestion when it comes to finding something comfy and cute to wear at home,  like you, i'm also a fashion mania   who always beeline for comfort FIRST when it comes to my fashion wear for any occasion such as date,dinner and concerts.  i do always running on Zalora. SO when situation asked me to put together my ideal looks for a few of the current and upcoming events, I immediately went to their online shop options!

Let me ask you first, when was the last time you have shop online to any online store? Seriously, there are all kinds of fashion store online anywhere? did they meet your fashion criteria and expectation?. (for me I preferred to shop Zalora, for all of that is cleared with no claiming anything bad from their fashion adviced !) their item section is totally wow! A girl could lose her mind,

elegant shoes and lovely skirt that every fashionista wanted to have in hand is all there,

I have long admired the dresses that Zalora has. They are sweet, classy, and always polished. And while perusing their latest arrivals, I spied my remaining dress from them that definitely had a bit more spice that I have known zalora for and I immediately was in love their print.

let me give you a sample item that Zalora have in hand today:



I do hope you are enjoying these finds of the day, in which I share with you some fab plus size fashion.

May 31, 2015

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5 Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

It's no secret that most of us love to shop for new clothes. There is nothing quite like that feeling of slipping on a brand new shoes or finally locating that top that matches perfectly with the rest of your ensemble. Most people spend over $1,000 per year on new clothes and there is a good chance you probably need to cut back your spending. So how do we go about this task, while still maintaining our signature fashion sense? By following these five helpful tips, of course!

1. Purchase Better Clothing

People often fall victim to the false assumption that they should purchase more clothes that are cheaper, as opposed to buying less clothes that are of a higher quality. When you splurge for quality goods, you increase the chances that they will hold up over the long haul and keep you from being forced to shop for replacements. But it is also important to toe the line between splurging for higher quality clothing and spending for the sake of spending. Take note that, even today, a lot of people still never use coupons that will save them money. With coupon codes from Discountrue you can save a lot and be able to afford better quality for the same amount of money.

(image from https://goo.gl/000Dd7)

2. Shop At The Right Time Of Year
News flash: if you shop for winter clothes or summer clothes during the actual seasons, you will be paying a much higher price for them. It's the simple law of supply and demand. However, if you shop for certain seasons of clothing before the season has actually had a chance to take place, you stand a much greater chance of finding that once in a lifetime deal.

3. Wash Your Clothes Less

The more you wash your clothes, the faster they develop wear and tear. Unless washing them is absolutely necessary, try to refrain from excessive cleaning tactics. Not only does this save you money on clothes shopping, but it also leads to a decrease in your monthly utility bills, helping you to save money in multiple ways. Jeans and more sturdy clothes can be worn again after a simple airing out, so be sure to utilize this technique.

(image from http://goo.gl/DAxCJg)

4. Purchase Less Of What You Want
And more of what you need. Sure, it would be nice to have a pair of shoes in every single color. But how often will you truly get a chance to wear each individual pair? It's crucial to purchase clothes that you will actually get use out of it. At times, we engage in wishful thinking when it comes to clothes shopping. However, you should be able to envision the exact scenario in which you will be wearing each article of clothing before making a purchase.

5. Buy Clothes That Suit You

Don't buy clothes that you would not normally wear, in hopes of magically transforming your personality. Stay in your lane and buy the clothes that work best for your specific body type and sense of style. Try them on, in order to make sure they look good and don't be afraid to bring a brutally honest buddy who isn't scared to hurt your feelings. 

 (image from http://goo.gl/DAxCJg)

April 28, 2015

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Proper Hygiene: Smart Bath Tips

Spending time under the shower, you should look for ways to save time and efforts so that you can look better in less time.

Softer skin and better hair is our aim with this post. Read it carefully and let us know your views in the comments section below.


If you think that soap is one of the most important items one should use while bathing, then you are wrong. Soap does not help you when you shower. Instead, it strips your skin of essential oils, making it dry, itchy and tight. So, skip soaps.

An alternative to soap is a soap-free body wash. Most of the soap-free body washes help in cleansing your body without making it dry.

If you are planning to buy it, buy it online to get an exclusive deal on the same. Also, you can use coupons to get an additional discount on these items. Coupons are available for popular stores like Overstock and Sears.

Hot water

Do you think that hot water is good for you? Well, it may be shocking, but hot water is one that adds to the dryness by exacerbating the effect. So, one should avoid it.

However, if you are used to it and do not want to part away from the feeling in a moment, you should go slowly. Start reducing the proportion of hot water and get used to cold water.


Are you focusing on the roots, scalp and the nape of the neck? Or you love putting the bulk on your hair’s general length? Shampoo is important but if you are putting it all on the general length, you are basically wasting it all. So, avoid it and focus on the roots, scalp and the nape of the neck because oils and dirt are usually collected at these spots.

Again, you should know the quantity of shampoo that you put on your general length, roots, and scalp. Using too much of shampoo is bad and should be avoided.


It is often seen that people shave before shower. This is not really bad, but if you are trying to get a close shave, it is better to shave at the end of your shower. Doing so, you will notice that the hair has softened, and removal of the same is easy.

Note: It is important to open up your pores. For this, shower in warm water because it helps in swelling your follicles. Here, we insist using warm water, not hot water.

Shower session

We love having long, peaceful bathing session, and we don’t want anyone to disturb us, right? But if I tell you that you should keep your shower session short, maybe ten minutes on the higher side, would you do it?

Whatever may be your decision, it is important to know that it is not good to have a long shower session because it increases the odds of stripping your skin of essential oils. This can even result in itchy patches of skin.

BY: Gintare Plevokaite

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