October 10, 2015

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Trick-or-Treat: How to Avoid Accident on Halloween

Although confused with other religious tradition, the concept of trick-or-treating actually originates as a custom during the 1920’s that involved pranks ranging from simple annoyance to tragic violence. in hopes to end the mischief, the trick-or-treating we know today really grew in popularity by the end of 1940s. over the last 60 years, trick-or-treating continue to evolved and is a common custom around the world, as well as the million dollars industry focus mainly on costumes,candy and decoration. even though the violent prank decreased,some criminal behavior and accident are shown more on hollowed in certain areas. however there are some simple safety rules to follow when you take your children on trick or treating that will help ensure they have a wonderful time and return home safely to enjoy their stash of Halloween treats.

Map your Route
before heading out to go trick or treating, be sure to map your route go ever with route with your children. there are few benefits to this. one is covering as many house in the allotted times as you can. more importantly, if your child get separated from you, you both will know what route to take to look for the child.
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Use Sidewalks
when possible use sidewalks. this will reduce a chance of being hit by a car.if there are no sidewalks available, walk as close as possible to the curb and walk against traffic.
(Photo credit digmo-tmp.missouri.edu) 

Trick or Treat in Groups
trick or treating in groups has a variety of safety benefits. the larger the group,the better. also walking in the groups makes the band of tricks or treats more visible to drivers.
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Crossing the Street
be sure remind your child the basic safety tips when it comes to crossing the street. make sure your child remember to look both ways before crossing the street. younger children should also hold the hands of the adult taking them to trick or treating.
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Costume Safety
when choosing a costume for either your child or for yourself, consider what accessories and hidden safety issues the costume may have. costume that do not fits properly could a tripping hazard. make sure the length of the costume doesn’t drag the ground and that the shoes fit properly, read the label to make sure that the costume and accessories, such as wigs,are resistant to catching fire quickly.weapons accessories should be foam or soft plastic and flexible. also, they shouldn’t be too large. use Halloween make up instead of mask, this allows for a wider range of vision and make it easier to breath.

always carry a flashlight. in fact it is advisable for each child to carry a flash light as well. this allows the child to see any dangers as they walk up to the door,especially at houses that are highly decorated with Halloween decoration. it also helps make the child more visible to drivers too. many stores now carry Halloween themed flashlight that will encouraged the child to want to carry one.

Candles and Luminaries
although it is encouraged to use battery operated lights, some people are still using candles in their pumpkins and other illuminated decoration. parents should teach their children to stay clear of any candles to prevent their costume from catching on fire, if such event should occur, be sure you and the child know basic common safety when putting out fires.
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Stop,Drop and Roll
Stop - if your costume catching on fire, the first thing you need to do is stop. do not take off running, this will intensify the flames and cause the flames to spread more.
Drop - next you need to drop to the ground and cover your face with both hands.
Roll - keep rolling until the fire is out.

one of the hidden dangers to trick or treating is the candy. some demented have been known no temper with candy causing the child to become sick or high. all police agencies and health agencies advice parent to not allow children to eat the candy while they are trick or treating. all candy should be inspected by the parents before allowing child to consume any of it. Halloween is a fun time of the year that many children and some adults look forward too. by following this simple safety tips it will help make sure that everyone has a safe holiday to create fun memories to last a lifetime.

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September 27, 2015

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Only in Japan you Can Survive Walking on the Street Wearing this Fashion

if you heard Japanese fashion, the first thing came up to your mind was kimono and Yukata or maybe something Samurai look right? your image and expectation is definitely wrong. Japan is full of unusual fashion. However, if you ever been or planning to go in Japan, listed fashion below confirm that these modern fashion of Japan are on Abberations side. Regular Japanese fashion is something else and that’s what I am gonna concentrate on my next post, this time let me talk about Unusual showing of Japan through Fashion today.
even living here for a long years still hard for me to catch up their way of showing himself through fashion. going to their famous fashion shopping center Harajuku with my friends, you will see a lots of young Japanese fashionistas walking here and there. Only in Japan u can survive don't get bullied walking on the street in these kind of grooming Some are cute....some are overly cute and some are creepy....some are....weird....just weird.

Gyaru - it mean "girls" and this fashion originated since 1970's with an advertising slogan"i can't live with out men" they started to trend this fashion to inspire a lots of conscious Japanese teens and early twenties to get out of their closets and express yourself.
Lolita - apparently a Japanese term for a man with the Lolita complex, or attraction to underage girls, but outside Japan it refers to erotic anime featuring young girls. Who would not have developed breasts yet.(rebloggy.com,kawaiibuk.blogspot,lookbook.nu)
Ganguro - is a style out of the Harajuku district. Girls bleach their hair and wear thick layers of tan and exaggerated makeup in a "feminine" style. The effect is barbie doll with urban war paint, which makes Geisha style ultra classy and this as nightmarish as a killer clown.(tokyofashion.com)
Kigurumi fashion - a combination of two Japanese words: kiru ("to wear") and nuigurumi ("stuffed toy"). commonly, it was referred to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. In Japan, kigurumi costumes worn as way to break the conventions of traditional dress or just as comfy pajamas.(myasianfashion.com,pinterest.com,)
Visual kei - i think this fashion look after Edward Scissor hands movie, it also applies to a type of music from Japan that is a combination of Punk Rock and Glam Rock. The music can be head-banging or just rock.(jettyguy.deviantart.com,google.com )

February 4, 2014

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Japan Life: Benefits you Get for Living in Japan

living to a place which is totally different from your own country culture could give you worried,but at the same time challenge and fun experience. you can also learn a lot of new things that help you stand for just by yourself.  a lot's of beautiful place in this world but there are few of those places that people choose to live, and one on that list is JAPAN.

Japan is one of the progressive country in the world,who has a GDP of $5.8 trillion (nominal), making it the third largest economy in the world, which is surprising after Japan’s economic struggle after WWII. Japan specializes in the manufacture of cars and electronics, and is a world leader in technology (by mapsofworld.com). Japan has a low crime rate. For the most part, you have very little to fear living in Tokyo. Walking alone at night is no problem. Forgetting your purse or wallet somewhere is also not normally a cause of great concern, chances are someone turned it in if they didn't simply leave it there. Of course there are areas where you should be careful, like in Kabukicho, Shinjuku's red light district, and Japan has a well known problem with perverts and train groping, but Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world you can be in. It's worth noting that handguns are illegal in Japan, which may also make you feel safer walking by yourself (hubpages.com).

 -Technology Advance-

the underwater tunnel in Hokkaido who measured 53.850 meters, The  Seikan Tunnel or Seikan Zuidō called for Japanese, is the world longgest underwater tunnel, have measured 53.85-kilometers (33.46 mi) railway tunnel in Japan, with a 23.3-kilometers (14.5 mi) long portion under the seabed. The track level is about 140 meters could be 460 ft below the seabed and 240 meters and 790 ft below sea level. It travels beneath the Tsugaru Strait — connecting Aomori Prefecture on the Japanese island Honshu and the island Hokkaido (wikepedia.org).



in Japan there is Tokyo Disneyland and the Disney Sea Resort located in Tokyo and Chiba boundary.



-Sympathetic and Safety service to People-

what can you say this, when before the earthquakes is coming 10 seconds before and your phone are giving you a signal siren? isn't that awesome right? and Where else can you see the kindness  that all the canned goods here was doesn't need a a can opener because it can easily pull  it up manually by your own hands?


the building and houses are build it strong to endure any natural calamity, and also where else can you experienced this while your having a long drive and your car is keep on bumping you like it wanted you to keep concentrate on your driving and not get on sleepy because every 5 minutes of the street you've been passing was, had a little line that bumping your car? for that it can make you awake all the time while driving? isn't that cool of showing kindness right?

all the government facilities here was made and assembled in easy for all people to reached,like every city here  had a reachable hi-tech hospital to go,every town too have their own near hospital for first aid,theres a dental clinic everywhere,convenience store here ,there and everywhere.

the hospital are build near by the fire protection and children school,also in case of earthquakes,every street had a sign board and banner and written was "in case of calamity you can go for safety here in this place " with an arrow to instruct the right place.

tips:  if your living here in japan, you need to know the  most advisable place to go in case of calamity are children school,hospital and japanese temple.why? because it can endure any strong natural calamity(as i've known of all this facilities some Japanese says that temples and school here can endure up to magnitude 11).


-JAPANESE PUBLIC SCHOOL-(https://goo.gl/1LmldD)


Japanese prepare the foods at the same time thinking the balance for their body (important things that other country does not). they don't eat their favorite foods everyday but they eat foods what their body need and that is why Japanese lived long for eating healthy food.

March 16, 2013

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Talisman and Amulet: Different Kinds of Good Luck Charms from Every Culture

You may be familiar with good luck charms or amulet objects from your own culture? but do you believe on it? me? yes, I'm a good luck charms believer ever since child,  we made a researched for different kinds of good luck charm that still new generation of people believe.

 we list the selected types of good luck charms not just from one country but for some other countries too,  Some of these symbols are seen as lucky and Other symbols are seen as having the ability to bring good fortune. Different cultures also have symbols for warding off bad fortune or luck. A couple of these symbols are seen as wish makers. below are the most popular symbols of luck from around the world and also the good luck charms that until now i still use and believe. 
-Insects-Crickets - These insects are considered good luck in Asia. Crickets have also made their way into pop culture, including Cri-kee in Disney's Mulan and Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio. There was also The Cricket in Times Square from the great Chuck Jones.                                        (http://goo.gl/5UVscq) 
Ladybugs -When a ladybug lands on you it is said to be good luck. Killing a ladybug is considered bad luck.                                              (7-themes.com) 
Dragonflies - are another lucky insect. The dragonfly was once considered to be a sign of a "good rice harvest"(Twin Groves Museums in the Classroom).                                              (audobon.org) 
Scarabs - date back to Ancient Egypt, when scarabs where considered good luck beetles.                                               (jeffcarnie.com) 


Acorns - In Norse folklore, both the acorn and its bearer, the oak tree bring good fortune. A lone acorn is also thought to ward off lightening when placed in a windowsill. For more about the acorn and oak trees, read Superstitions About the Oak Tree and the Acorn.                                                     (http://goo.gl/G8ndLE)


Rainbows - are considered lucky because we all know if we find the end of the rainbow there will be pot of gold. A rainbow also has seven easily discernible colors. The number seven is mentioned below. Gems and Minerals.


are considered lucky in many different cultures including the Ancient cultures of Greece, Sumer, Egypt, and Rome. For "Christians and Native Americans, the dolphin is a symbol of protection, and its image is said to bring good luck." (Ancient Spiral)

Pigs - are considered a symbol of good luck in Germanic cultures.

Tortoises - are considered a good luck symbol in Feng-Shui decorating.                                          (http://goo.gl/Ui7iVZ)
Elephants - Feng Shui and the Ganeshsa is the Hindu God of Luck. The elephant has also made its way into British, Canadian and United States cultures as a good luck charm in the 1930s.

Red Bats - are considered lucky in China. The red bat is thought to ward of evil. Five red bats can also represent the "five good fortunes" of health, love, longevity, love, wealth and virtue (Whats-your-sign.com)

Tigers - are considered lucky in Chinese astrology. The tiger is also considered a protector against certain evils including theft and fire. (Usbridalguide.com) Animal parts, not as attractive as symbols of whole animals, are also thought to be lucky. A rabbit's foot in Western cultures is generally lucky, and alligator teeth are said to bring luck to gamblers (Africa).

Icons and Figures-

Buddha - charm or statue is thought of as being lucky, especially if you rub the Buddha's belly.

Daruma - One of the most popular talismans of good luck in modern Japan is the armless, legless, and eyeless Daruma doll, or tumbling doll. according to Daruma.jp This has the meaning of standing up positively even if failing, and has the meaning of reaching the objective. Moreover, the design such as sho-chiku-bai, cranes, and turtles assumed that the history is good from old times is given to the pattern of the face.                                            (http://goo.gl/mmiWGO) 
Maneki-neko (Japanese: 招き猫 ?, literally "beckoning cat") is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner (source wikipedia). In modern times, they are usually made of ceramic or plastic.(http://goo.gl/q6a04r)   

-Man-Made Objects-

Dream Catchers - from Native American culture are considered good fortune because they catch the negative images from dreams. Red Chinese Lanterns Red Chinese Lanterns are another red symbol of luck in the Chinese culture.                                               (http://goo.gl/Gb9XEa)

Horseshoe - were thought to bring good fortune when they were hung up on the wall of a home or above a doorway. When horseshoes were made by blacksmiths, this added to the idea of luck that embodies the horseshoe. Blacksmithing was considered a lucky trade.

Coins - "See a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck. Leave it there and you'll despair." Some even take the idea of luck to the other side of the coin, and believe that if the coin is face down that it's best to leave it on the ground. Coins have a place in Feng Shui as well, as luck bringers.

Pot of Gold - is what you will find at the end of a rainbow, making it doubly lucky.


Symbols and Numbers-
Nautical Star - is seen as providing guidance, and it is a good luck symbol for sailors.                                         (tigergirl)

Number seven - is considered lucky by different cultures including the U.S. culture. The number seven is also considered a lucky number by people living in England (Wikiepdia.org). It's not just Western culture that holds the number seven in high regard on the luck scale. In the mythology of Japan, there are the Seven Gods of Fortune. The number seven is also important in world religions and spiritual beliefs including Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.


Four Leaf Clover - is one of the better known Western symbols of luck, probably due to is popularity on St. Patrick's Day. Four-leaf clovers do exist, they just are not as common as the three-leaf variety. (Flora Brittanica). If you find one, it's considered good luck.(coronetpublication.net)

Bamboo - Although considered invasive by some, a gift of bamboo is considered good luck, specifically the Dracaena (botanical name) Lucky Bamboo.


Wishing Well - A wishing well is a place where you toss a coin (another symbol of good luck) and make a wish. Wishing wells can be seen in children's programming on shows like Dragon Tales. Another fun example of a wishing well in popular culture is the wishing well the movie Goonies.                                               (digitalartistdaily)

Wishbone - is a symbol of good luck. It also is a wish maker. Two people tug on the wishbone, each making a wish. After the wishbone breaks, the person with the bigger piece will have their wish granted.                                                (socialphy

falling star or a shooting star - as it is sometimes called asks the person lucky enough to see it to make a secret wish.

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