October 21, 2017

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the list of wild and deadliest animals in japan

Japan is home to some of the deadliest and wildest animals on the Earth. a diverse array of wildlife from Japanese badger, to foxes and monkeys. some of the lists below could be considered the deadliest and some can just stay away.

The poisonous Habu snake, this venomous viper found in Ryukyu Islands of Japan can strike long and quickly leaving its high toxicity venoms.
(image source snakes-beauty)

The Suzumebachi スズメバチ or Japanese giant hornet can grow more than 4.5 centimeters, this insect is one of the deadliest and aggressive when they provoked, their sting can kill an elephant and if your lucky to survive their poisons still leaves an extremely painfulness.
(image source by kenpie)

The wild tanuki in Japanese doesn't scared of people. some stories and documentaries they are mostly found invading every house and messing up some parts. some residents reporting that they already attacking people when they're being found living in the house attics. you cannot blame people being fooled by this creature because when you see their cute and loveable appearance you couldn't resist the feeling of wanting them.
(image source by 663highland)

The Sankebetsu higuma bear or brown bear lives only in Hokkaido. according to telegraph.co, a woman has been killed while picking wild bamboo shoots in the mountains of northern Japan by a bear, it wasn't specified if what kinds of bear attack the 61 years old woman but some stories spread that it was the higuma bear who attack the poor woman.
(image source by captain76)

Japanese boar or inoshishi (イノシシ) in Japanese. some records of this boar attacking people. in a university of kyoto reported that this creature suddenly appeared and ground for about an hour running around the campus and one of the bikers got injured by this boar before they got captured by the tranquilizer gun of the hunter. (image source by leoboudv)

January 6, 2014

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Mans Bestfriend: the Reason of Dogs Loyalty

  one of the reason I've liked on using Facebook is watching a lots of shared videos from a other pages, sharing about funny happenings in the world,inspirational story,captured videos of paranormal things.
   but, I am more amazed and enjoy watching the videos about dogs and story and even cry to see a dogs crying for his master burial,seeing his master way back home after the mission,recovered from sickness and many more.
  I wandered why the dogs are so loyal to human more than human to them?                                                                 (http://goo.gl/BWpHMI)
some blogs and articles says that dogs are smart enough to know who give them their food and care they want.
  for curiosity and unsatisfied reason for that quotes?  yesterday I google it to look for an accurate and legit reason of Dogs loyalty and I found the answer from some website about why the dogs are loyal to human?

-According to dailypuppy.com-
it says, Researchers originally believed domestic dogs separated from their wolf ancestors after they began living among humans. However, more recent studies suggest otherwise. Studies of the mitochondrial DNA of wolves and dogs show the two split about 135,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence, such as the discovery of buried dog bones near human settlements, suggests dogs and humans began sharing their lives only about 13,000 years ago. Although more research on the subject is needed, these studies show dogs were already a separate species when they first encountered humans.                                                                      (http://goo.gl/wLDFy2)
Throughout their shared past, dogs have developed better ways of communicating with humans. Research argues that dogs are more human-like in their behaviors than any other animal, including primates. For example, a study found that dogs can express empathy to humans. In the study, the dog’s companion or a stranger was crying in the same room with the dog. The dog attempted to comfort her companion but also the stranger. In other studies, researchers have found dogs can understand verbal and physical gestures from humans, as well as their facial expressions. Humans also can accurately interpret the meaning of dog barks, according to other studies. This ability to communicate with one another – something not found between other species – developed from the species reliance on one another and continues to increase their loyalty to one another.                           (thedoctorschannel.com) 

that is for scientific explanation for why dogs are so loyal.  But I think that dogs will be loyal to their masters for life.  When a person loves, cares for, and protects a dog, that dog will be entirely loyal to that person.  It is believed that one of the reasons dogs are so loyal is because they have a pack mentality which is a social structure that is similar to ours.  Wild dogs roam in groups or families of dogs to find food and to stay safe.  It is believed that a pet dog considers the humans he lives with part of his pack or his family.  Dogs are completely loyal to their pack and will protect their family members if they are threatened.

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