October 10, 2015

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Trick-or-Treat: How to Avoid Accident on Halloween

Although confused with other religious tradition, the concept of trick-or-treating actually originates as a custom during the 1920’s that involved pranks ranging from simple annoyance to tragic violence. in hopes to end the mischief, the trick-or-treating we know today really grew in popularity by the end of 1940s. over the last 60 years, trick-or-treating continue to evolved and is a common custom around the world, as well as the million dollars industry focus mainly on costumes,candy and decoration. even though the violent prank decreased,some criminal behavior and accident are shown more on hollowed in certain areas. however there are some simple safety rules to follow when you take your children on trick or treating that will help ensure they have a wonderful time and return home safely to enjoy their stash of Halloween treats.

Map your Route
before heading out to go trick or treating, be sure to map your route go ever with route with your children. there are few benefits to this. one is covering as many house in the allotted times as you can. more importantly, if your child get separated from you, you both will know what route to take to look for the child.
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Use Sidewalks
when possible use sidewalks. this will reduce a chance of being hit by a car.if there are no sidewalks available, walk as close as possible to the curb and walk against traffic.
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Trick or Treat in Groups
trick or treating in groups has a variety of safety benefits. the larger the group,the better. also walking in the groups makes the band of tricks or treats more visible to drivers.
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Crossing the Street
be sure remind your child the basic safety tips when it comes to crossing the street. make sure your child remember to look both ways before crossing the street. younger children should also hold the hands of the adult taking them to trick or treating.
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Costume Safety
when choosing a costume for either your child or for yourself, consider what accessories and hidden safety issues the costume may have. costume that do not fits properly could a tripping hazard. make sure the length of the costume doesn’t drag the ground and that the shoes fit properly, read the label to make sure that the costume and accessories, such as wigs,are resistant to catching fire quickly.weapons accessories should be foam or soft plastic and flexible. also, they shouldn’t be too large. use Halloween make up instead of mask, this allows for a wider range of vision and make it easier to breath.

always carry a flashlight. in fact it is advisable for each child to carry a flash light as well. this allows the child to see any dangers as they walk up to the door,especially at houses that are highly decorated with Halloween decoration. it also helps make the child more visible to drivers too. many stores now carry Halloween themed flashlight that will encouraged the child to want to carry one.

Candles and Luminaries
although it is encouraged to use battery operated lights, some people are still using candles in their pumpkins and other illuminated decoration. parents should teach their children to stay clear of any candles to prevent their costume from catching on fire, if such event should occur, be sure you and the child know basic common safety when putting out fires.
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Stop,Drop and Roll
Stop - if your costume catching on fire, the first thing you need to do is stop. do not take off running, this will intensify the flames and cause the flames to spread more.
Drop - next you need to drop to the ground and cover your face with both hands.
Roll - keep rolling until the fire is out.

one of the hidden dangers to trick or treating is the candy. some demented have been known no temper with candy causing the child to become sick or high. all police agencies and health agencies advice parent to not allow children to eat the candy while they are trick or treating. all candy should be inspected by the parents before allowing child to consume any of it. Halloween is a fun time of the year that many children and some adults look forward too. by following this simple safety tips it will help make sure that everyone has a safe holiday to create fun memories to last a lifetime.

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