October 26, 2017

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really works routine on how to protect your neck from wrinkles

When getting old, the neck area is the most considered the critical spot. there's a lot of women out there despite being beautiful and impeccable when you look at the neck it tells the age of a woman.

One of the signs when your getting old is wrinkles on the neck or stirred skin. if you want to avoid this to happen early, you need the right skin protection.  like our face, the neck is also sensitive so its the best way to do that is to make your skin elasticity strong by following and create the new rhythm to your lifestyle.

The cause of wrinkles on the neck is the diminution of collagen and elastin, which naturally make the skin firm, in the deeper layers of the skin causing the skin to crumble and wrinkle. It could scale from different reasons like smoking, unbalanced diet, dehydration, pollution, laughing too much, sun damage and sleep.

 10 Ways to Prevent neck Wrinkle Appearing

1. Avoid more exposure to sunlight.

2. Avoid more exposure to cigarettes and any kind of pollution.

3. Make a daily routine to massage your neck.

4. Make sure that your head and chin always on the straight position especially when your lying.

5. Always maintain an eight glass of water every day.

6. Choose the low pillow to sleep.

7. Always put a cut of potatoes on your neck two or three times a week because it can detoxify your skin and erase the pores.

8. Use an anti-wrinkle cream to your neck before you sleep, do it daily for best result

9. Choose a Retin-A cream because it can lower wrinkle appearing

10. Sleep well: Let your body and skin rest and repair itself. Around eight hours of sleep is good for skin health

October 8, 2015

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Cosmos Flower: Japan's Autumn Cherry Blossom

Japan had four Season climate, the Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter. but unlike some other countries who had too,Japan cycle is different from the countries such as, Canada, United States, Greenland,Eastern and Northern Europe, Mexico as well as the small island of the Caribbean. When this countries experience summer, Japan will experience winter and vice versa.

for every season change in japan, there is also a flower bloomer. start from September until November, autumn falls in japan, and one of the popular autumn flower bloomer in japan is the Cosmos flower, some Japanese called it the ‘Autumn Cherry Blossom’.  you will see this flower, blooming to some places in japan like Japanese residence garden, but you could see this more beautiful in a wide public garden place in japan.

the cosmos was included to sunflower family who first originated from the country of Mexico who known to have a lots of cosmos species occur, according to Wikipedia.org, Cosmos flower is an annual and belong to herbaceous perennial flowering plants, who complete their life cycle from Germination to seeds production in a year and eventually dies on.

There has variety of Cosmos colors such as orange, yellow, white, pink, and scarlet. it easy to take care on and cosmos can grow up to 60 inches tall. pretty good for garden decoration, cosmos viewing in japan is one of the popular outdoor activity every Autumn season. so, if you want to see or viewed cosmos flower in japan, places below are my recommended to see a lots of beautiful cosmos species.


had million of cosmos flowers and reached on 17 kinds of cosmos are lay down there, it is open to public every last Sunday of September each year to the middle of October.

Admission fee:  ¥400 Japanese yen.
TEL: 0984·27·1919
Address: Miyazaki Prefecture Kobayashi southwest 8565-39Admission Fee: Adults ¥400 yen, children ¥200, elementary school or below are free.(Photo Credit https://goo.gl/tYPmuU))

it could be the best place to go when viewing cosmos because of million cosmos flower blooming together here and uncounted kinds of cosmos are there.

Admission fee:  Adults 400 yen, elementary and junior high school students 80 yen, senior 200 yen (age 65)
Address: Tokyo Tachikawa Midoricho 3173
TEL: 042 · 528 · 1751 (Showa Memorial Park)
(Photo Credit https://goo.gl/DMtU8B))

kurihama hana no kuni also known as kurihama flower park, is popular for its seasonal flower. you can also viewed a lots of herbal plants and purchased any plants what you like at the garden entrance. there’s a restaurant inside who you can enjoy tasting food while viewing the flower garden, a relaxing and worth place to spending on.

Access: It is a 15-minute walk from JR Kurihama Station and Keikyu Kurihama station.
Address: 239-0832 Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture Shinmei-cho
TEL:  046-833-8282
(Photo Credit http://goo.gl/z6orxH)
Flower City Park (Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanaka ko-mura)
(Hana no Miyako koen park)

it has 30 million square meter garden, you can also viewed their season flower each year. a 2 million pieces of Cosmos flowers bloom facing Mount Fuji every mid of August and September, you can also enjoy and viewed sunflower and this place become more famous for shooting point of many professional photographer for photo taking of Mt. Fuji or they called Fuji-san in Japan (the famous Mountain in Japan).

Access: About 30 min from Fujisan Station on the Fuji Kyuko Line via the “Fujikko-go”, one of Lake Yamanaka’s sightseeing buses, near “Hana-no-Miyako Koen” bus stop.
Admission Fee: adult ¥500, ¥200 children
Address: Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Yamanakako-mura the mountains 1650.
TEL: 0555·62·5587
(Photo Credit http://goo.gl/HqFP1Q)

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