December 5, 2015

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Power Spot: Sacred Places in Japan to Recharge Good Energy and Spiritual Beliefs

Beauty of Nature have been always attracted to mankind, because not only can soothes the eyes but also put the body and the soul in relief and comfort. Power Spots are extra bonus from God. “Power Spots" are Places surround Japan to go in order to stimulate with Good Energies and Good luck in Life, it is now popular to a lots of Japanese People and Foreign Residence, especially women. These places, usually Temples or Shrines, Mountains and Falls who possess the Power of God. Maybe a happy relationship, healthy life, success in career, having pregnant and bearing child safely could come true. Also Japanese people believe that the Power Spot places have an ability to take them to Peace and Tranquility in the Hustle Bustle days and stress. so, if you're a temporary visitors or having a long time vacation here in Japan, rather than Just spending your time exploring the city why don’t you Take some time out and feel the Strength and Divinity Power of these famous “Power Spot” places in Japan.

-Temples and Shrine-
A sacred sites or sanctuary of God. In japan, the shrine or temples was regarded as holy place because of its Divinity, in japan there are many great shrines or temples of God and of famous people. A lot of Japanese people are fascinated and visit more often to recharge their spiritual beliefs, increase Luck and power as well. But unlike other countries, temples or shrine in Japan actually not just build for spiritual events and activities purpose such as Prayer, God praising, funeral and Sacrifice, Japanese People Don’t go regularly to this Place to Worship the Greatness of God together with the other Gods Believer. Other reason of this structure is to preserved national treasure, displaying Japans holy objects and Good Energy Recharging too.

-Floating Torii Gate in Utsukushima Island-

The Utsukushima Shrine or must be Popular in the name of Miyajima Island in the City of Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture became more popular for their Iconic ‘Floating Torii Gates’ the famous Shrine attraction in Utsukushima Island who got listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Torii means, two pillars Connect or Joined by one or two beams. The oldest Torii recorded in Japan now and still standing were built in the 12th century and can be found in Yamagata Prefecture. Many people in Japan believe that the "Torii" Gates give Strength to those who visited them.(Photo Credit

-Izumo Taisha or Izumo Oyashiro- 

 The Izumo Taisha also known as Izumo Oyashiro shrine is an Ancient Shinto Shrine and the largest wooden structure in Izumo-city, Shimane Prefecture. There is no registered date of establishment but according to the legendary folklore and history of japan, the Izumo Taisha shrine is the meeting place of all God. The shrine is Dedicated to Praise the Great Achievement of Ōkuninushi-no-Mikoto and now famous for the place to obtaining good energy and God’s luck to fulfill their wish to live a happy life.(Photo Credit

-The Yasukuni Shrine-
The Yasukuni Shrine is also a Shinto Shrine build in 1869 in Chiyoda Tokyo, Japan. The place is dedicated to honor the memories of Japan’s soldier and people who Died on the War. The Yasukuni Shrine also known as Yasukuni Jinja have now Enshrined Millions of Japanese people died fighting for the Empire of Japan since 1853 including foreign who served the Emperor at that time. Few "Torii’s" could view on the Gateway and other is located inside Ground of the Shrine, the one big Torii made of steel was the largest "Torii" in Japan, set up on 1921 Measured 25 meters tall and 34 meters wide. According to the stories of some people who been already to the site, the Yasukuni Shrine visit could be a life changing experienced. Japanese words translated in English is also available for foreign visitors of Yasukuni Shrine.(Photo Credit

-Meiji Jingu Shrine-
The Meiji Jingu Shrine is measured 175 acres was surrounded almost of 120,000 green trees from 365 species donated by many people around japan. The Meiji Shrine can be found in one of the busiest city of Tokyo. Inside the Shrine you will see a big Wooden "Torii" Gate and Gigantic Barrels of Saké, an important aspect of rituals.  Famous not only for spiritual recreational but also for special power recharge.(Photo Credit

-Tōdai-ji Temples-

Is a Buddhist temple structure found in the city of Nara and Big hall of Buddha are one of the main attraction of this site for being the largest bronze statue of Buddha in the world with houses. The Tōdai-ji temples served as main school for Buddhism in Japan but according to a lots of people who visited temple it is famous place to visit for those who want to gain good energy and recharge their spiritual beliefs. If you are planning a trip to Japan, visiting this ancient temples is a good way to start.(Photo Credit

In the Japanese tradition, monks and hermits come and retreat to the mountain to acquired peace of mind. Because the mountain has always believed by many as a place of power. In history, people believed that some mountains were the house of our Gods and others are still believed as place where it is possible to connect to the God.

-Mt. Nantai San in Nikko-

 Mount Nantai san also known as Futara san in Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, become one of the famous power spot for giving Benefits and Grace to those who come up the 2,486 meters high mountain. It is popular with hikers and one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan but in September 2008 it was classified as an active Volcano according to the Researched made of Toyama University lead by Yasuo Ishizaki and Colleagues.(Photo Credit

-Mount Kurama-

Mount Kurama is one of the Pride symbols of the north-west city of Kyoto, Japan, well-known for its beautiful scenery and yearly Festival called Kurama Fire Festival. According from the history of Japan at early 1900s, Mount Kurama served as the Reiki source of Mikao Usui who meditated for almost 21 days on the top of the mountain and received healing energy from the sacred tree who said the “incarnation tree of their God”. The Shinto Shrine on the top also one of the reason of this Mountain to get a lots of visitors from local and foreign travelers.(Photo Credit

-Waterfalls and Lake-
Waterfalls and Lake are one of the amazing creations that God of Nature has to offer. The splendid power of white water crashing over cliffs to the depths below and a beautiful serenity pond has a solemnity effect to anyone. In Japan history, samurai and people who made a mistakes to their life came across to have remorse and meditate by spending long moments of hour under waterfall cliff and let the water crashing over their body and in lake, people come and visit to have a peaceful mind while overlooked the peaceful water of nature.

-Jouren no Taki in Mount Amagi-

 A beautiful waterfall found in Yugashima, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture with the height of 25 meters and 7 meters in width, along with natural forest of Mount Amagi, the Jouren no Taki waterfalls become listed as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. It is visited by people who longing for more extra activities aside from power and good energy recharging you can enjoy doing trout fishing around the Jouren no Taki waterfalls and also experienced seeing fresh wasabi in the process.(Photo Credit

-Kakitakawa or Wakimizu-
the Kakitakawa is a clear-flowing River around Shimizu town in the district of Suntō in Shizouka Prefecture. It is listed as one of the three clear flowing Rivers in Japan together with the Nagara and Shimanto rivers of Gifu and Kōchi Prefecture. The main water source of this beautiful rivers come from the melting snow of Mount Fuji and the others are from spring and rainfalls. The spring parts can be viewed separate from the main river area located at the Kakitakawa Park forming as an old water well. During my visit I experienced, many people have their empty pet bottle with them and bring home water came from the Kakitakawa River for they are believe as “Healing Water for all Sickness”.(Photo Credit

-The Lake Biwa-

 Lake Biwa can be found in Shiga Prefecture is Measuring 670 km² area of water was the largest freshwater Lake in Japan. The Lake Biwa become Popular Spot for sightseeing and outdoor activities such as, boat rowing and fishing, yearly marathon since 1962, historical sites and castles, agriculture and dairy farming are also of interest. Don’t worry for the Ryokans and Hotels because a lots of affordable place are waited for your trip. The Lake Biwa are now considered as Power Spot in Japan.(Photo Credit

-The Oshino Hakkai-

 Oshino Hakkai also known as Utsu Lake in Yamanashi Prefecture, located 7 km²  from the lake of Kawaguchiko and 3 km² Northwest from the Lake of Yamanakako, are now listed as one of 100 national treasure of Japan.  It has beautiful Eight Spring of Ponds with clear and beautiful water coming down from the melting snow of Mount Fuji. This pure water contains large amount of mineral and called by people as “The spring of God” given name by local Japanese who once used to wash away Impurities of the heart and soul.(Photo Credit

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