September 11, 2015

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How to Spot Real and Fake Louis Vuitton Handbags

There are many replicas that look very similar to real bags so it is essential to learn how to spot a fake so you don't end up wasting your money. Many of the fakes are hard to distinguish from the real deal so paying attention to specific details because its difficult to figure out if a bag is authentic.
like other woman out there!  I am a big fan of Louis Vuitton bags ,but we all know that it is so expensive and not every one can afford to have this luxury bag, I just content to see other woman carrying this bag,until I'm able to have it own on my own now.

With the popularity of designer bags at an all-time high, more counterfeit bags are hitting the streets and online auctions. Don't be fooled into purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag that claims to be the real thing when in fact, it is not. It can be difficult at times to tell a fake from an authentic but there are several ways to identify the difference between a genuine and a fake handbag.

-An authentic Louis Vuitton bag has the following characteristics-

 Louis Vuitton bags are expensive. They are made out of costly materials such as top-quality leather, boa, crocodile, lambskin and camel skin. Fakes are made from pleather and vinyl; they may feel rough and stiff. A real Louis Vuitton is smooth and feels soft.Louis Vuitton trim is done is Vachetta leather and tans naturally as the bag ages. Most fakes are done in a light tan trim or a fake aged trim that will not change with age.
Monogram placement is done carefully and is consistent on pieces. It will not be crooked or cut off. It will look the same on each style of bag. The leather is one solid piece that continues to the front from the back. You will never see a seam in the middle of a bag.
Tags are never attached to a Louis Vuitton bag. They may come with tags, but they are simply placed in the purse or dust bag. 

-Tags are never attached with plastic or pins-                                                          (

The hardware used on the bag is also an indicator. Fake bags will often have painted gold plastic where as an authentic will have gold or brass metal hardware imprinted with the trademark LV logo.
All bags come with a soft dust bag. This bag is done in a soft tan color and features the Louis Vuitton logo in the center. The dust bag can be done in a drawstring or envelope style.

-Knowing the Bag-

Check the details of the bag against the original style. In addition to the basic features to look out for, there are some other obvious indicators. For example, if you are looking for a Speedy bag and find one that has gold feet on the bottom, steer clear. This style never features feet. The Speedy is smooth from front to back and does not have extra hardware such as feet.

-Beware of Extra Accessories-

Many Louis Vuitton fakes come with extra accessories. Authentic Louis Vuitton bags do not. The Never full has the option to add a shoulder strap but that is not a standard accessory. The Never full comes with two straps that can be carried over the arm. Fake versions may have a shoulder strap attached or as an accessory.
Check Handles and Stitching be wary of Louis Vuitton bags who has plastic wrapped around the handles like the image below.                                                        ( 
Examine the workmanship carefully. All Louis Vuitton bags have precise stitching that is durable and will not show any loose threads. The handles of each bag are seamed together with a special glue that bonds the leather. You will not see any sloppy craftsmanship or loose stitching. If you do, this is an indicator that the bag in question is not real.
Check the lettering on your bag. Wherever you see Louis Vuitton spelled out, you can check to see that the O is round, not oval shaped. Many fake versions will use oval shaped O's instead of round ones.

-Watch Out for Authenticity Certificates-

A final indicator that a bag is fake is the authenticity card. Real Louis Vuitton bags do not come with a certificate of authenticity. You may find a cream colored card with the style name of the bag and a bar code inside, but never a certificate. Many fake bags come with a certificate, leading consumers to believe that they are real.                                        ( &

-Popular Replicated Styles-

There are many different bags, styles and patterns in the Louis Vuitton collection, but some styles and bags are more commonly replicated than others.

Signature Monogram Canvas: The most popular pattern is the Signature Monogram Canvas. This pattern features tan LV logos on a rich dark brown leather background. The pattern is never reversed or done with additional colors.

-Takashi Murakami Collection- 

Another highly replicated bag is the one done by designer Takashi Murakami. In 2003, Murakami partnered with Marc Jacobs and released this unique collection. The bags were done in white leather and featured 33 different colors of the signature LV logos. Another variation was the Cherry Blossom bag done in the Signature Monogram with the addition of red cherry blossoms throughout. A small face is in the center of each blossom. You will not see other flowers or designs on real bags.

-Damier Graphite canvas-

A newer style print is the Damier Graphite canvas. This style features the classic block pattern in black and grey. It has an urban feel and is more edgy than traditional styles. You will not see other variations to this print. Bold colors are never used and the block pattern always lines up on the edges and seams.

                                           -DAMIER GRAPHITE CANVAS-                                                      

-How to Spot Authentic Louis Vuitton Guide-

4 Part Guide to Spotting LV Fakes → Written by eBay Top 25 reviewer fashionista, ☞ here this is another helpful pictorial guide discussing aspects to watch for when purchasing.

Spot a Louis Vuitton Fake → Written by Forbes's staffer Hannah Elliot ☞ here this helpful article offers specific traits to consider when searching for your next Louis Vuitton.

-Budget Fashionista's LV Handbag Tips- 

Kathryn Finney- also known as the Budget Fashionista, knows that a counterfeit bag is nobody's bargain. See her quick tips on spotting a counterfeit LV.

-Shop Reputable Louis Vuitton Retailers-

Where you obtain your bag is also an indicator as to whether or not it is a fake. If you are able to shop in person then Louis Vuitton bags can be purchased at Louis Vuitton stores and boutiques. For those who prefer to shop online, check out the official website of Louis Vuitton ☞ here for a selection of bags in the latest styles.

If you have a bag that you are unsure about, you can bring in the bag to a store and ask a sales associate about authenticity of the bag. All Louis Vuitton associates are trained and will be able to spot a fake without hesitation. You can also use a handbag authentication service to help you determine the authenticity of your bag; however, research carefully to make sure you sure using a legitimate service.

-Do Your Research-

Like the old saying goes, "it is too good to be true" then it probably is. This goes for Louis Vuitton bags as well. An authentic Louis Vuitton is crafted from high-end luxury materials and the price tag reflects that fact. Don't be fooled into buying a fake. Educate yourself and be well-informed on what to look out for when purchasing a designer bag.

September 10, 2015

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Beauty Skin tips: How to Prevent Wrinkles and Dark Spot Appearing on a Face

as you turn to an aged for being conscious on fear from appearing lines beside the nose and below the eyes (the wrinkles). Just like any other woman out there, I become more careful for the foods and routine to avoid that to happen.
Most of us women always thinks about how to prevent measures to ward off wrinkles or premature aging.  and we always look for an idea to take the steps necessary to keep our skin looking young and fresh.
 we try search to find the ways to cure and prevent that nightmares.

-3 annoying and most hated line for Women-

Wrinkles all around the face - particularly the eye and mouth area also known as Nasolabial lines/folds (often referred to as “Crow's Feet” here in japan),deep folds between the nose and the mouth are Nasolabial folds, it become more visible when we getting old. the Mid-face ages when the cheeks begin to droop.
Tired-Looking eyes : eyes that looks “worn out,” with no hint of softness or suppleness (i couldn't think of any more feminine words). This occurs when the eyes begin to swell for various reasons, including excessive crying, excessive physical stress, genetics, dermatitis, hormonal changes in the body, a change in weather, sinus problems, hangovers, bad diet, lack of sleep and some allergic reaction.

brown spot: Small patches of discoloration on the face. Brown spots generally appear on exposed skin areas like the face, back, neck, chest, shoulders and hands. Some of the main causes of brown spots are sun exposure, aging, and genetics. Factors like stress, pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies, and weak liver functioning may also contribute to this problem. (

 i searched and knowing all the causes of all these. i'm not going to give a  Scientific explanation for you even if i saw out there was it, despite, i will give you a simple explanation about it. here is the first and can say the main reason of wrinkles appearing.
 did you know that Collagen and Elastin are the elements that keep skin looking soft and healthy. When these elements are damaged, skin tends to go downhill and premature aging sets in. So, it's important to protect skin from outside forces that damage Collagen and Elastin.

-there are lots of ways to avoid that-

    Avoid Sun Exposure :  didn't know that 99% of all premature aging is the result of sun exposure. So, sun block is imperative prior to any stint outside (it doesn't have to be 80 degrees).

 for me i use SPF50+  from DHC bb Germanium brand but you can use sunblock protection from any brand.

    Avoid Smoking : The damage to skin can be significant, but is still probably the least of a smoker's worries.

    stay away in all of these! Alcohol, Drugs & Highly-Processed Foods.

    Follow A Solid Skincare Routine : Remember the letters CSP – Cleanse, Scrub and Protect.

    if there some space on your wallet for luxury do it for your own happiness like Make An Appointment to Find a spa/salon where you'll feel comfortable and visit a Skin Care, experts says on a commercials: Two or three “facials” a year can really make a difference.

    Take a supplements: Use skin care products packed with vitamins and minerals, for these way i really push you to buy a collagen from these product name called Dear-natura if unable to find this product look for any collagen products that have a 2000mg of collagen because it really works.

      exercise daily.  Inner health and inner beauty is scientifically proven to be reflected on the outside.
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Childhood Reminiscene: if your a Child of 90's Watching this Video will Bring you Back again

we're in an age where everything is overplayed for the simple fact that corporate companies want money, money and then some more, the millennium was a turning point for people's lives essentially, and most just miss their childhoods as their adult lives began after the millennium. this time I just wanted to share this video for all child of 90’s, like me. the reasons why growing up in the '90s was amazing, maybe All generations have their nostalgia moments.  Everyone thinks back to the "good 'ol days," but really the only thing good about them was the fact that kids don't have a lot of responsibilities holding them down but I could Say The generation of 90's is very special,Remembering those little crazy things of your childhood.

if one of this thing you spent doing on that times, then you probably had most awesome random moments.
little crazy things are worth to be remember
and i promise it can make you smile remembering that times. enjoy.

September 8, 2015

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Japanese Manners and Etiquette: Learned this things Before Going to Japan

proper and correct Etiquette are very important to all Japanese. but if you are a foreigner in Japan you must need to know and learn at least some basic manner rules in japan,so here are some of the basic manners to remember when visiting japan or for those who have a plan on a trip.

Manners in a Door or Genkan

when entering the house or some restaurant and you see a clean line of slippers and shoes handled accordingly, remember to follow this rule.
 because the doors in japan is still considered outside and is the place for people to take off and put their shoes.  be careful not to step on the door without taking off your shoes or slippers. It is good manner to turn your shoes to point towards the door after you have removed them.
if your a tourist and visiting some of historic temples,shrine and castle here in japan, i recommend you to wear shoes that can be easily removed for it can be forced you to take it off.

(Editors image)

Manners in Japanese table

restaurant in japan had different types, other are common types of settings chairs and tables but there are some settings like tatami type that are rare to see in other country except here in japan so it may help for you to remember and learn tatami type of restaurant here in this page to avoid getting confused if how you should do when you encountered tatami type of restaurant. like in Japanese door step shoes and slippers must be removed before stepping on to tatami type of restaurant.  the waitress automatically give a you a Wet towels  (おしぼり)when you sitting on but there are some places that have wet towel already prepared it in the table so free to use it to clean your hands.  to order your food it is a nice attitude to let others to order their own preferred food first than yours, but when your order arrived first and others aren't yet, don't eat first but wait others orders to arrived in the table before start to eat and say "itadakimasu/いただきます" means  "I gratefully receive",and say the phrase "gochisōsama deshita" means "thank you for the food" after eating.

it is really good manner to clean and return all your dishes on how they were at the start of the meal after you finished all of it. it means replacing the lids on dishes by your your chopsticks.

When visiting Japanese Temples

when visiting this kind of place remember to behave calmly and respectfully. by Showing  your respect you should give a short prayer in front of the holy object.
in some shrine or temples, you will see a lots of visitors burning incense in large burners. pick  a bundle and light them, leave them burn for a few seconds to create a smoke and then extinguish the flame by waving your hand rather than by blowing it out.  put the incense into the incense burner and fan some smoke towards yourself as the smoke is believed to have healing power.
Photography is usually permitted on the temple grounds. It is forbidden indoors at some temples. Watch for signs before taking a photo the place.

(Editors image)

Gift giving manners in Japanese

 every Twice a year, in June and in December, it is common in Japanese, family,friends and relatives to give a gifts. and they called it ochugen and oseibo for showing respect. the common price of this gifts, about 5000 yen it contains household items or something similar.  in company gift giving of employees coincide for receiving a special bonus in addition to their salaries.
the Gifts in sets of four are usually avoided because it is considered unlucky number in Japanese. When handing over a present, both the gift giver and recipient use both hands.

(image for Ochugen and Oseibo)

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Why Japan is Haunted Place in the World: Top 12 Goose Bumps Japanese Rumor

Many notable people in the world of paranormal research will state that by populace, the Japanese are very haunted country. I have loved eye opening and frightening haunted visits I have had to my Japan life. I expect many more real haunted ghost filled adventures real soon. but this this time let me post something creepy things,creepy places and unverified rumors but confirmed to some of those and said that this japan urban legends and japan haunted place where totally experience unusual happening until now.

12. Saitama Fukiage Tunnel

Saitama Fukiage Tunnel -Various rumors of Ghost infestation often hears inside the tunnels, such as the soul of the woman who put on a white kimono and wandering the place.
However, there’s also a certain story that the site where Tsutomu Miyazaki (an Otaku killer of a little girl from 1962 to 2008) murdered the four young girls and abandoned the body of four in Fukiage tunnel is one of the Source of creepy happenings of the place. other said, When walking around here, you began to feel unpleasant weight in the shoulder and a great pain.


11. Noh Mask

Noh Mask is classified as one of the scariest and creepiest of all Japanese rumors.
The appearance of these masks is creepy mainly because half side of the face has crying expressions while the other half is smiling, but even more crazy is the fact that mask has the power to absorb the negative aura or energy (anger, hatred, anguish) from the owner. After persuading the owner to wear the mask, Noh Mask then control and consume the negative aura until the owner begins to rot. Even creepier, Noh Mask switches the body once the owner is dead but it doesn’t leave the corpse behind. In fact, it sticks the old body onto the new body, which makes it the most dangerous legend as well.

(Editors image)

10. Atsugi Naval Airbase

atsugi naval air base- the said rumors about this place was a spirit of a young marine soldier who got killed in a car accident back in 1960 and his ghost are still often seen wandering from room to room.


9. kanagawa Prefecture keishin Hospital

kanagawa prefecture keishin hospital - is an old abandoned hospital located in military base in kanagawa ken. it said that theres a rumors of noises and a lots of individual walkings around the hospital and a lady standing the window of this hospital, The Keishin Hospital was once a pre-eminent site of super high-tech radiology equipment, leading the charge as Japan raced into the modern era but the place was left to the vandals.

8. Hone-onna

Hone-onna, one of the creepy Japanese rumor, is a gorgeous woman who is dressed in a kimono which covers her entire body except wrists, neck and face. She is incredibly beautiful, with smooth skin and long neck, but her beauty is a disguise. Hone-onna allures lonely men in dark alleys by teasing them with her looks and style. When she is succeeded in taking the man to a quiet place and convincing him to undress her, the reality of her beauty is exposed. Because under her fleshy kimono, there is no skin. As soon as the man sees the flesh and bones, the Hone-onna embraces him and sucks away his life and soul.

7. kamakura Harakiri Yagura

kamakura harakiri yagura, the word "yagura" generally means tower and can be alternatively written using the kanji for "arrow storage" or "arrow warehouse" the meaning extending more widely to mean a weapons store, for some reason in the case of these sites in Kamakura, it refers to these small caves where famous warriors committed ritual suicide. Were these sites once used to store weapons? Perhaps. But there was definitely, as far as some Japanese know, no tower here. and theres a lots of rumors that the souls of warriors are keep wandering the place.

6. Human Pillar

Human pillar is quite weird among the Japanese creepiest rumor story. Just take a look around the walls behind you, nothing happens right? Now imagine that your body or someone else's body encased in the walls, and that is human pillar.
many Japanese believed that they used human skeletons or parts of human bodies in construction,to yield a strong support to the buildings. They also believed that the use of human skeleton would serve as a sacrifice to God and thus render more stability to the architecture. Many buildings to this date have human skeletons in the foundation. This include the Matsue castle and the Jamon tunnel. Train drivers have reported hearing ghostly noises under the tunnel, which is believed to be the screams of those who were buried in the walls to support the foundations.

(Re-blog from

5. Himeji Castle

himeji castle, may the Most Haunted Castle In Japan And The World.
the rumors about this place is about the woman named okiku who worked the castle as servant of the lord of the castle long time ago. the story begins when Okiku falling inlove with the lord of the castle. and the tragedy happens when she overheard one of her lord's chief retainers plotting to overthrow and kill the lord of Himeji and invade the castle. after hearing that, she revealed the plot to kill the lord instantly. and her fast action had saved the lord's life, the chief retainer had escaped and knows Okiku's role on messing assassination. He was determined to take his revenge.
and a couples of days Okiku’s got killed by the chiefs retainer and then her soul keep on wandering the castle as of now.


4. The Red Room Curse

the red room curse is one of the creepy as things can get. It is said that there is a pop-up message that received on the computer, which upon clicking, it takes you through a series of confuse and you'll find your name by the end of a list of names in the rudimentary Flash. The creepiest thing is that you may even find some of your friends on the list. Next day, you will be found dead in your apartment with red blood covering the walls of your room: YOU'VE COMMITTED SUICIDE.

As with other urban legends, there is a sense of truth attached to the story. Though there is little evidence of any reports, one sudden murder accident shook the entire Japan. Known as the "Sasebo slashing," it was about an event happened in 2004 where a 14-year-old student killed her best friend and later the "Red Room" video was found in her computer browser history.

3. Okiku Dolls

The origin and history of this creepy rumor came to a Japanese girl named Okiku, who once owned Okiku doll. According to this rumor, the kimono-clad, small doll is possessed by Okiku herself. People even claim that the hair of Okiku doll grows even after the hair-cuts (even to this date). An experiment was conducted on the doll’s hair which surprisingly yielded that the doll possess the hair of little girl. No scientific or theoretical explanation have provided the answer to this weird mystery. creepy.

2. Hanako-san

Hanako-san is the ghost of a little girl who is believed to possess the girl’s washroom of all the schools in Japan. The ghost of Hanako-san inhabits the third washroom on typically the third floor of the school buildings. Even creepy, there are stories that the ghost of Hanako-san responds to you when you knock the bathroom door thrice or ask her if she is there. Incidents have been reported when the ghost of little girl have dragged other girl students in the washroom after sighting. There are various speculations and theories why the ghost of Hanako-san inhabits the school washrooms.

1. Cow Head

Cow head is one of the scariest of all Japanese rumor story. Whoever listens to the complete story will experience fright and nightmares for many days. rumor says that the cow head related horrifying events started in the seventeenth century, but origin of the story is still a mystery.

One of the scariest and most famous incidents of the cow head story was when a Japanese teacher started telling some scary stories to calm students while travelling on a bus. Once he started narrating the cow story, he went in a state of trance and despite the shouting and pleading of his students to stop telling the story, the teacher could not help himself. By the end of the incident, the teacher fainted and all the children started foaming from their mouth. The driver was so scared that he sweated profusely and tremble out of horror. It is believed that people who hear the story get so scared that the horror eventually takes their life.


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