December 31, 2013

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Lucky Items and Colours for 2014 New Year

This year, 2014 is the year of the wooden horse. For many who do not really believe in the Chinese Zodiac, here is something you should at least read for this year.
This year, those who were born under the year of the wooden horse will be lucky in money as this is a year of financial wealth. It would be an alright year for those born under the year of the Tiger, the Dragon, the Snake and the Boar and a bit better going for the sheep, ox and monkey.

The coming year is filled with elements such as metal and fire and to give balance to it the lucky colors are blue and yellow. Blue represents water and yellow the earth which with metal and fire give balance to the year.                                                                          (
You can wear not only clothing, but all sorts of accessories in the green-brown colour scheme, such as jewelry, belts, scarfs, etc. To make it even more powerful, you can choose jewellery with natural crystals and stones with the presence of Wood energy, such as green jade, agate, green tourmaline and malachite.

Also good are crystals and stones with the presence of Water element energy - such as turquoise, aquamarine, pearls, kyanite, lapis lazuli and moonstone. Or, go for black colour ones, such as black obsidian, black tourmaline or black onyx.

colours to avoid to wear for new years are the colours of Fire and Metal feng shui elements, respectively all whites and grays, as well as purple, orange and red colours.

This year will be a year of competitiveness and of jealousy, back stabbing and insecurities but it will also be a one of good relationships. 

The thing with this year is that it is of the wooden horse which represents stability, power, urgency, stubbornness, narrow mindedness, hostility, perseverance and independence. A good way to balance all this is by using lucky charms such as the Cicada Pendant. This blue and green lucky pendant helps drive away all the negativities of the year giving you a happy and great year.

feng shui experts believe that the spirit of the horse is energetic, bright, intelligent, able and warm-hearted, which is why this year is holds a lot of opportunities for people.

and The Chinese believe that in this year, if you are a good and righteous person that does good everything will go smoothly. This is true in every belief, if you are a good person towards others then others will be good to you and you will be able to have a prosperous, energetic and happy year.

Few stars born under this year is Aretha Franklin and Kobe Bryant, Cindy Crawford, Jason Biggs and many more other Hollywood celebrities.

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