December 14, 2013

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Proper Cleaning Care of your Fashion and Designer Handbags

having a designer bag or fashion bag, it is normal to take care it on properly and maintaining the elegance appearance like when you first bought it. that's hard to do that again if you already used your bag for many times. but there are ways to prevent that from getting worst it more. let us give you the basic way and tips on how to take care your bag properly to make it look good always and again.

-basic care-

when not in use, store your bags in a closets This will help to protect your bags because if you do not want to lose it in the right shape or color, you can put some tissue inside of it (or some some magazine or paper), but make sure not to put too much to avoid your bag not to stretch too much too, avoid use plastic when you want to hide it in your closet because plastic can stick to leather.
if your planning to keep your bag in a long time make sure to put a silica gel inside of it before storing it.



 use a handbag organizer and sometimes a bag liner, each time when Im buying a bag i also make sure to buy some package tools on how to take care of it like bag organizer or you can use your own pouch if you have one,  using bag organizer can also help to avoid make up stain and protecting our bag from any dirt cause of things who we put inside on our bags.
 and be careful also on where to put your bags anywhere so its important also to have a hanger for your bag.                                                             (

-Cleaning outside of your handbag- 

make sure to not use any household cleaner chemicals. clean your bag using the proper cleaner for leather.

 avoid putting your handbag in a high humidity like kitchen and or the top of refrigerator.

-Cleaning inside of your handbag-

if your bags are mostly satin lining inside use a wet sponge with a super mild soap ex: liquid soap mixture with water.

you can maintain your bags like new using this tips mention above.remember bags are also investment,proper care of it will make them stay longer.





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  2. thanks for dropping by girl! now following you!

  3. this is such a nice post! thanks for sharing sweetie!

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  5. thanks for sharing.. very helpful tips for women who want to maximize the use of their bags

  6. People maximize the value of their bags by taking good care of it so it can last longer.

  7. I have always been curious what's inside those silica gel packs. I just know that they are poisonous stuff.

  8. bags are precious to most women. as for me, honestly, i tend to abuse my bag haha. it's bec i want to put all my things in just one. im coping with it though:)thanks for this

  9. Truly indeed that something must be done to take care of things that we have so it would last longer than expected. Nice tips.

  10. I have a mini bag collection and these tips are really helpful. However i don't like the smell of leather bags when they are old. do you know how can i get rid of that old leather smell? :|

  11. Wooow your tips are very helpful! I'm so grateful for this! ♥♥♥ and oh, nice bag collection!

  12. thanks for the tips!


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