September 8, 2013

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Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Story and Review

last time, I was given a chance to get invited of the perfume testing Held at the Roponggi hills of the famous perfume shop in japan, but because I already choosed my own perfume to use, I decided not to attend for it.

my new apple of the eyes are -Miss Dior blooming Bouquet.(

 Just spotted this perfume during my stop over to Thailand for an hours transit on vacation to Philippines last 2011.  from the magazine on my lap in the plane.  I was first captured by its elegant bottle and cap since I don't even try or smell it yet. going back after my vacation, I try to look this perfume to any store, when I'm on shopping or passing by some stores after work.

 I have been serious to find this perfume and expect to see if its appearance and amounts are also matched on what's inside of it. I found it in a store located in Tokyo,Ginza, and yes, what I expect is what I get, this perfume smell is great and I can say every woman wanted to have a smell like this(floral smell to the sweeter candy-like perfumes).

the cap has a design of glass ribbon with pink and gold combination color and the bottle is so much elegant more than what I saw in the magazine of japan airlines last time!

so, I don't hesitate to buy even if the amount of this perfume is thinkable first before buying, I bought it for 12,000 in yen and 140 in US dollars.why is so expensive? because I buy with a package set of travel refill spray.

and one of the reason why I did not hesitate to buy this perfume because of that.  a package set of another elegant small spare travel bottle attached on it.  the use of this travel bottle is you can put perfume in this travel bottle and you can bring it any where you go with not much heavier than carrying the main bottle.

-Refill Spray-





  1. i like the bottle and cap of this perfume! i once try it before!

  2. the bottle is elegant! some reason that this perfume are one of the top brand perfumes of the world!

  3. The packaging looks great! Very classy! By the way following you via GFC. Hope you can return the love! Keep in touch! x

  4. There is something almost magical about finding that *perfect!* perfume :D
    My favourite is Lolita Lempicka, and I was so happy when I found it!
    Although this perfume (Miss Dior) does not suit me (as everyone has a different body chemistry), I have a tiny bottle of it on my dresser because it is just so beautiful! :D
    I am a new follower of your lovely blog! :D

    1. @ashesela thanks for dropping by my blog and also thanks for following! i already return this favor to your awesome and very professional blog! thanks!


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