September 24, 2015

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Make Up Shelf Life: Checking your Beauty Cosmetic Expiration

may some of you there probably don’t pay attention to little logos on your beauty products because they'd just so vague. have you noticed a little symbol on a jar or tub of your beauty products? hey!  that’s your beauty products expiration date, From when you open that product for the first time, that number is how many months that the product is usable. It won’t necessarily rot or disintegrate past that time, but that is how long the company can claim the product is effective, basically (by
as one of those woman who don't mind and never look of that little branding logos of my beauty products, I've made a curiosity researched if what is the effects I'll get of using an expired cosmetics?
and I ended up to a lots of negative answer everywhere.
as we know all the make up consist a lots of chemicals and elements and their elements also play their role on a proper time limits. and after their time limit passed they also lose their liveliness. so if you apply it to your skin it will leave a very harmful result, your skin will cause a lots of pimples and freckles will starting to appear.

-list of bad effects for using expired cosmetics-
* Mascara - using expired mascara Mascara can be a ground for bacteria, so it's not surprising if you've found your eyes getting itchy, watery and red eyes.
* Lipstick - using an expired lipstick can be caused your lips super dry.
* Foundation - using an expired foundation can caused your skin a damage like pimples and freckles.

* Nail Polish - expired nail color can make your nails texture unstable.
* Perfume - expired perfume can cause your neck irritated.
* Eye shadow - using expired eye shadow can cause itchy and more.

if you care your skin throw away that expired cosmetic to save your skin for any bad reaction.

-here is the shelf lives of cosmetic product-
Oil-Free Foundation: 1 year
Cream or Compact Foundation: 18 months
Concealer: 12-18 months
face Powder: 2 years
Blush and Bronzer: 2 years
Cream Blush: 12-18 months
Powder Eye shadow: 2 years
cream Eye shadow: 12-18 months
Eyeliner: 2 years
Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months
Mascara: 3 months
Lipstick: 2 years
Lip liner: 2 years
Lip gloss: 18-24 months
Nail Color: 1 year





  1. Wow! thank you for this one. It had been a while since I was looking for a list of how long these make-up could be used. Such a helpful article.

    -Candice Amoranto

  2. Whooo! Thanks for posting this sis! I bookmarked it. From now on I'm going to track the expiration dates of my makeup :)


  3. we really need to know the expiration of our cosmetics

  4. The same with food, expired cosmetics are dangerous to use.
    I hope the items were being used before expiry - if too much item, might give to friends.

  5. Our skin can be really sensitive so having expired products touching it may really cause harm.

  6. I have no idea that a makeup has an expiration just like other related cosmetics like face powder, eyeliner, makeup foundation, among others. I don't know if I am saying it right.

  7. Girls should really read this blogpost. I mean, I am not a girl and I don't know anything about make ups and all, but reading this post makes me realized that girls should not just use cosmetics without really knowing about the product. Thanks for a very educational post.

  8. Aw! Sayang naman yan sis sana binigay mo na lang sakin. Hehe! Addict din ako sa pag-gamit ng make-up pero I'm not a buyer of new make-up. I want to consume muna the old one before I buy another one.

    1. tama ka jan girl! pero naipackage k na yan nung isang araw! kc my sister asking me to send her all of that! sya daw gagamit nyan lahat! hndi nman daw kc tinatablan ang face nya ng expire na cosmetic!hehehehe!
      thanks again sis! i find you very oriented and well manage lady! i like you! keep it up! thanks! by the way im trying to leave a comment to your blog but seems the comment form doesn't appearing! on on

  9. Oh noes! I have to share this info to my mom and siblings. They tend to keep some of their cosmetics for a very long time. Thanks for sharing!

  10. omg my little sister sometimes use expired makeups! need to this to her...

  11. Thanks for this important info. Good thing I came up to your blog! :)


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