September 27, 2015

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Only in Japan you Can Survive Walking on the Street Wearing this Fashion

if you heard Japanese fashion, the first thing came up to your mind was kimono and Yukata or maybe something Samurai look right? your image and expectation is definitely wrong. Japan is full of unusual fashion. However, if you ever been or planning to go in Japan, listed fashion below confirm that these modern fashion of Japan are on Abberations side. Regular Japanese fashion is something else and that’s what I am gonna concentrate on my next post, this time let me talk about Unusual showing of Japan through Fashion today.
even living here for a long years still hard for me to catch up their way of showing himself through fashion. going to their famous fashion shopping center Harajuku with my friends, you will see a lots of young Japanese fashionistas walking here and there. Only in Japan u can survive don't get bullied walking on the street in these kind of grooming Some are cute....some are overly cute and some are creepy....some are....weird....just weird.

Gyaru - it mean "girls" and this fashion originated since 1970's with an advertising slogan"i can't live with out men" they started to trend this fashion to inspire a lots of conscious Japanese teens and early twenties to get out of their closets and express yourself.
Lolita - apparently a Japanese term for a man with the Lolita complex, or attraction to underage girls, but outside Japan it refers to erotic anime featuring young girls. Who would not have developed breasts yet.(,kawaiibuk.blogspot,
Ganguro - is a style out of the Harajuku district. Girls bleach their hair and wear thick layers of tan and exaggerated makeup in a "feminine" style. The effect is barbie doll with urban war paint, which makes Geisha style ultra classy and this as nightmarish as a killer clown.(
Kigurumi fashion - a combination of two Japanese words: kiru ("to wear") and nuigurumi ("stuffed toy"). commonly, it was referred to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. In Japan, kigurumi costumes worn as way to break the conventions of traditional dress or just as comfy pajamas.(,,)
Visual kei - i think this fashion look after Edward Scissor hands movie, it also applies to a type of music from Japan that is a combination of Punk Rock and Glam Rock. The music can be head-banging or just rock.(, )





  1. I find people in japan so cute and creative. I remember boyfriend always tells me he wants us to live there someday :)

  2. your bf have a taste girl! good choice! there's no safe place to live than japan!
    by the way thanks!

  3. Lolita really has nothing to do with anime outside of Japan. The term is popular because of the book Lolita from a Russian author that has gotten a lot of attention since its release.

    Lolita as a fashion is based on historical clothing from the Victorian and Rococo periods in France and England, respectively. The name is purely a coincidence and has nothing to do with little girls or attracting creepy men.

    For the record, A LOT of people outside of Japan dress in Lolita and Gyaru fashion. It's gotten quite popular.

  4. I really love how Japanese people dress up! They have a unique style! :)

  5. Their design is a little bit edgy but they carry it well.

  6. I'm actually a fashion graduate. But in my years of learning about this specific industry, Japan's fashion sense has got to be one of the most outrageous, yet innovative at some point. And as the saying goes, "to each his own". This fashion style is definitely something that helps sets them apart.

  7. My say, Japan's fashion is of the weird side. I can't pathom kung a no gusto nilang palabasin.

  8. Japan is a home of lots of weird things. I can still remember a post I've made before about Japan's fashion that influences face deformity.


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