August 21, 2013

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How to Cheat your Stomach to Lose Weight: Simple Diet Tricks to Reduce Belly Fats

the major reason of gaining weights is Overeating. Calories that  cannot burned by activity or exercise are stored in the body as extra fat. It is important to avoid overeating to hide those unwanted pounds. There are many environmental and internal triggers that can cause a person to to eat so much. These can range from the sight and smell of food to stress and depression. But by changing this small behaviors you can change your old habits over time and take just a less food. Did you know you could trick yourself unconscious for consuming a small calories?
below are some cheating tips from people who get succeed doing this trick and now losing their weight.

-use Smaller Plates, Bowls and Spoons for eating cycle -
it was determined that those who were given larger bowls, served themselves 31 percent more foods than those who had a smaller bowls. Those who had larger spoons served themselves 14 percent more.                                                       (
Another study you could read on the internet, supports the validity of this claim. In the experiment psychologist left out a bowl of chocolates with a small scoop. The following day, they replaced the small scoop with a larger one. They determined that people ate a whopping 66 percent more with the larger scoop. So try eating your meals with smaller utensils and plates to trick yourself into consuming fewer calories. 
-Eat using your Non-dominant hand-Mindless snacking during movie and watching tv is a surefire way to consume those extra unwanted calories.  "When we've repeatedly eaten a particular food in a particular environment, our brain comes to associate the food with that environment and makes us keep eating as long as those environmental cues are present." Experiments have shown that a way to circumnavigate these hard-wired desires during your next movie schedule is to eat with your non-dominant hand.                              (
-if the food is Out of Sight it also Out of Mind-
some researched, suggests that people tend to overeat by snacking when food is easily visible and is within reach. A British television show, "Secret Eaters" replicated this study by placing candies in clear bowls within reach and another set of candies in opaque bowls out of reach. Studies have shown that those who had food within reach ate 70 percent more.
Place all of your snacks hidden inside your cupboards. Do not have any treats on your desk, kitchen counter, or coffee table. Even placing treats inside your desk drawers as opposed to having them on your desk makes a difference.

-Drinks in a Tall and Thin Glass-
Studies suggest that we tend to pour fewer amounts of liquid in a tall, thin glass than a short, fat glass. There is an optical illusion created that leads us to believe that there is less in a short, squat glass than taller, thin glass. The show "Secret Eaters" tested this claim by having participants pour what they thought was a "shot measure". Predictably, it showed that more amounts were poured on the short glasses.
For alcoholic and highly-caloric drinks, pour them in tall, thin glasses. You will most likely pour less and therefore consume fewer calories.

-last advice is to eat slowly-
 put yourself away from the television, apart from the iphone or iPad make yourself busy and in conversation with anybody, Savor your food.
Food that is eaten mindlessly is neglected food,And neglected food imparts the emptiest of calories.





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