September 23, 2015

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What is your Blood Type Character Definition

in Japan, they'd love to analyzed one persons character through blood type. Sometimes,when they first met the person they actually asking you what type of blood you are belong.
Japanese people believe that the blood type also Defined the person characters and Behavior.
are you aware of your blood type? for some who doesn't aware yet, this simple formulas and definition of each blood Type characters could be a help, this is an opportunity for you to learn first-hand the ways that the Japanese used blood types

Common human blood has four types has:

-According to Japanese Definition-

type A- person who belong on this type is serious all the time, a clever,cooperative, smart, passionate and hardworking type of blood, a very oriented and organized type. fits to be a leader or good to be on the top. type A are mostly common in japan.but this type are noisy on mistakes,a perfectionist type of blood. type A are too much stress weakens their immunity more quickly than other blood types. low stomach acid is common among blood type A's even from birth.

type O- according to my own my experience: this blood type characters are almighty. it means the persons belong to this type are compatible with any type of blood and can manage her or himself anywhere. its nice to have a type O friend.type O are good in social,and independent type who can handle stress better than other blood types,have strong immune systems,this type can focused, self-reliant and daring.

type B- this type are most hated type of blood in japan. this characters  always like to go own Pace. and this type weak point are, easy to get and convinced when you praise them.not wise and don't listen to others advice and the worst, this type are easy go lucky and cold people mostly belong to this group.they are good for camouflage and flexible, they could make a good friends.

type AB- a rare type, the character that difficult to read,hard to understand and not so good at getting along with people. they think unusual from a common human imagination, that's why they really hard to categorize.but when this type getting on serious on task or job, they could get on the top more than anybody else but in negative way they are easy to give up., a trustworthy type with the love one but they can’t say what they want in the beginning of the relationship, so possibly say their object after.

-Blood Type Compatibility Chart-
type A to type O most compatible
type A to type A - compatible
type A to type AB also compatible
type AB to type B,type A,type O - compatible
type O- as I say this type are almighty. its compatible with all types.





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