September 11, 2015

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How to Spot Real and Fake Louis Vuitton Handbags

There are many replicas that look very similar to real bags so it is essential to learn how to spot a fake so you don't end up wasting your money. Many of the fakes are hard to distinguish from the real deal so paying attention to specific details because its difficult to figure out if a bag is authentic.
like other woman out there!  I am a big fan of Louis Vuitton bags ,but we all know that it is so expensive and not every one can afford to have this luxury bag, I just content to see other woman carrying this bag,until I'm able to have it own on my own now.

With the popularity of designer bags at an all-time high, more counterfeit bags are hitting the streets and online auctions. Don't be fooled into purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag that claims to be the real thing when in fact, it is not. It can be difficult at times to tell a fake from an authentic but there are several ways to identify the difference between a genuine and a fake handbag.

-An authentic Louis Vuitton bag has the following characteristics-

 Louis Vuitton bags are expensive. They are made out of costly materials such as top-quality leather, boa, crocodile, lambskin and camel skin. Fakes are made from pleather and vinyl; they may feel rough and stiff. A real Louis Vuitton is smooth and feels soft.Louis Vuitton trim is done is Vachetta leather and tans naturally as the bag ages. Most fakes are done in a light tan trim or a fake aged trim that will not change with age.
Monogram placement is done carefully and is consistent on pieces. It will not be crooked or cut off. It will look the same on each style of bag. The leather is one solid piece that continues to the front from the back. You will never see a seam in the middle of a bag.
Tags are never attached to a Louis Vuitton bag. They may come with tags, but they are simply placed in the purse or dust bag. 

-Tags are never attached with plastic or pins-                                                          (

The hardware used on the bag is also an indicator. Fake bags will often have painted gold plastic where as an authentic will have gold or brass metal hardware imprinted with the trademark LV logo.
All bags come with a soft dust bag. This bag is done in a soft tan color and features the Louis Vuitton logo in the center. The dust bag can be done in a drawstring or envelope style.

-Knowing the Bag-

Check the details of the bag against the original style. In addition to the basic features to look out for, there are some other obvious indicators. For example, if you are looking for a Speedy bag and find one that has gold feet on the bottom, steer clear. This style never features feet. The Speedy is smooth from front to back and does not have extra hardware such as feet.

-Beware of Extra Accessories-

Many Louis Vuitton fakes come with extra accessories. Authentic Louis Vuitton bags do not. The Never full has the option to add a shoulder strap but that is not a standard accessory. The Never full comes with two straps that can be carried over the arm. Fake versions may have a shoulder strap attached or as an accessory.
Check Handles and Stitching be wary of Louis Vuitton bags who has plastic wrapped around the handles like the image below.                                                        ( 
Examine the workmanship carefully. All Louis Vuitton bags have precise stitching that is durable and will not show any loose threads. The handles of each bag are seamed together with a special glue that bonds the leather. You will not see any sloppy craftsmanship or loose stitching. If you do, this is an indicator that the bag in question is not real.
Check the lettering on your bag. Wherever you see Louis Vuitton spelled out, you can check to see that the O is round, not oval shaped. Many fake versions will use oval shaped O's instead of round ones.

-Watch Out for Authenticity Certificates-

A final indicator that a bag is fake is the authenticity card. Real Louis Vuitton bags do not come with a certificate of authenticity. You may find a cream colored card with the style name of the bag and a bar code inside, but never a certificate. Many fake bags come with a certificate, leading consumers to believe that they are real.                                        ( &

-Popular Replicated Styles-

There are many different bags, styles and patterns in the Louis Vuitton collection, but some styles and bags are more commonly replicated than others.

Signature Monogram Canvas: The most popular pattern is the Signature Monogram Canvas. This pattern features tan LV logos on a rich dark brown leather background. The pattern is never reversed or done with additional colors.

-Takashi Murakami Collection- 

Another highly replicated bag is the one done by designer Takashi Murakami. In 2003, Murakami partnered with Marc Jacobs and released this unique collection. The bags were done in white leather and featured 33 different colors of the signature LV logos. Another variation was the Cherry Blossom bag done in the Signature Monogram with the addition of red cherry blossoms throughout. A small face is in the center of each blossom. You will not see other flowers or designs on real bags.

-Damier Graphite canvas-

A newer style print is the Damier Graphite canvas. This style features the classic block pattern in black and grey. It has an urban feel and is more edgy than traditional styles. You will not see other variations to this print. Bold colors are never used and the block pattern always lines up on the edges and seams.

                                           -DAMIER GRAPHITE CANVAS-                                                      

-How to Spot Authentic Louis Vuitton Guide-

4 Part Guide to Spotting LV Fakes → Written by eBay Top 25 reviewer fashionista, ☞ here this is another helpful pictorial guide discussing aspects to watch for when purchasing.

Spot a Louis Vuitton Fake → Written by Forbes's staffer Hannah Elliot ☞ here this helpful article offers specific traits to consider when searching for your next Louis Vuitton.

-Budget Fashionista's LV Handbag Tips- 

Kathryn Finney- also known as the Budget Fashionista, knows that a counterfeit bag is nobody's bargain. See her quick tips on spotting a counterfeit LV.

-Shop Reputable Louis Vuitton Retailers-

Where you obtain your bag is also an indicator as to whether or not it is a fake. If you are able to shop in person then Louis Vuitton bags can be purchased at Louis Vuitton stores and boutiques. For those who prefer to shop online, check out the official website of Louis Vuitton ☞ here for a selection of bags in the latest styles.

If you have a bag that you are unsure about, you can bring in the bag to a store and ask a sales associate about authenticity of the bag. All Louis Vuitton associates are trained and will be able to spot a fake without hesitation. You can also use a handbag authentication service to help you determine the authenticity of your bag; however, research carefully to make sure you sure using a legitimate service.

-Do Your Research-

Like the old saying goes, "it is too good to be true" then it probably is. This goes for Louis Vuitton bags as well. An authentic Louis Vuitton is crafted from high-end luxury materials and the price tag reflects that fact. Don't be fooled into buying a fake. Educate yourself and be well-informed on what to look out for when purchasing a designer bag.





  1. You blog is eye-catching. I get pleasure from it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of writing with me.

  2. why not try I've bought one Neverfull tote last month and it's so pretty. Highly recommended!

  3. Wow! Your tips will come in very handy and helpful to women desiring to buy a louis vuitton bag. Definitely a genuine one costs much,much higher than imitation.

  4. That's awesome! I know that it's so hard to spot the fake ones since a lot of people try to pass it on as authentic. They have much stricter laws here in the US so I haven't really encountered many fake sellers. Great tips!

  5. With the price of LV bags, this really helps people so they won't be deceived by counterfeits.

  6. This post should be better with more pictures. I have read some of these tips before and I think people should just not buy LV bags from other places but the original store itself to avoid confusions.

    1. thanks for your suggestion but since im just sharing my experience and not a louis vuitton fake and authenticator teacher i could'nt provide a picture of this! by the way thanks!

  7. Thanks for your tips. I also aim to buy an LV bag someday when I think I can already afford it. This will really help me.

    1. glad to hear that my post could help you sis! i was a victim twice with this LV bags when im start fullfilling my dream to have it before while im new here in japan! i really learn and studied about it so that i will not end up again with immitation....thanks

  8. I remember 4 years ago when we went into a private store in HK selling "almost" genuine designer bags.

    My wife went crazy when she saw those bags.

  9. There are many ways to determine whether the a signature product like this one is genuine or not. Based on my experience, the price, the texture or the make of the product, the label on how it is printed, labeled. This is good you have brought them up so that fake or imitated Louis Vuitton bag could be identified instantly.

  10. Louis Vuitton bags are the imitation of Christ. It's so hard to know nowadays which one is fake and which one is real. This post is very informative especially to people like us who loves to buy signature and authentic items, you just gave us a lot of tips on how to spot a fake one.

  11. As a girl who firmly believes in originality and excellence, buying fake items is a big no-no for me! This post is very informative. Now I have a guide! Thank you so much! =)

  12. one thing I know is that an original LV has a continuous pattern and doesn't change even if it is stitched on the sides.. :)

  13. As of the moment, I don't have a Louis Vuitton bag. But, I'm dreaming to have one. There are many online shops selling LV bags at a lower rate , I hope buyers will research first before purchasing.

  14. This is extremely helpful. I'm planning on buying one soon but I'll definitely bookmark it as a future reminder. Thanks :D

  15. It's the basic tendency of human to approach beautiful things. Same is the case with handbags. I love these bags and found myself uncompleted without handbags. But this time i need to buy Louis Vuitton wallet which i can keep inside my handbag.

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  17. like other woman out there! i am a big fan of louis vuitton bags ,but we all know that it is so expensive and not every one can afford to have this ...

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