July 2, 2013

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Fashion Winter Outfits to Learn Before Moving to Cold Places

for a person who came from a tropical country it was very difficult to lived far beyond imagination if how really hard to walk,to sleep and lived in the middle of snow place, below is the Basic tips if what to wear in a cold places for those people who never experienced cold places yet or on planning to a trip in a cold places like Europe,America and cold places in Asia.

moving to a place who had four season Cycle, in Winter season, layers are your new best friend. Most buildings on town will try to overcompensate for the chilly weather outside by cranking up the heat inside. It’s a nice Gesture, but if you’re not wearing proper clothes with layering on it, you can end up sweating through your work. Layering in a casual way is easy: start with a tank or tee, add a cardigan or sweater, and top it off with another jacket, scarf, and/or hat (depending on how cold it is outside). You’ll still look cute and will be comfortable no matter where you go.

Make scarves and hats your signature accessories. I started my trademark with scarves a few years ago,and I haven’t been able to give them up since. They come in literally thousands of shapes, colors,patterns and instantly add excitement for warmth to any outfit. Hats are another great option to keep your ears warm and cover up any bad hair days you may have.

Invest in a great pair of boots. This is especially important if you live somewhere where winter brings lots of snow and ice. A truly great pair of boots will keep your feet warm and match with a lot of different outfits you already have. Whether you like desert boots, riding boots,or an edgier option, find a pair you love and wear them with everything.

Pants are not the only option. tights and skirts are still definitely options when the weather turns colder. As long as you pair them with tights (sweater tights are particularly warm) you can stay true to your personal style without freezing.





  1. Dressing appropriately for the places one would visit should always be considered. What if it was really cold at the place you want to visit? Great post!
    -Wanderer Juan

  2. Nice outfit with the cotton candy. This post is useful as I'm planning to go to Japan :)

  3. Perfect blogpost for me. I am currently her in South Korea and I have experienced winter for two months already. Next winter, I have now idea what to wear. Thanks or the tips.

  4. I consider cold places as the best place to be fashionable since you have more layers to work on and to choose your style.

  5. I consider cold places as the best place to be fashionable as you have more layers to work on and choose from to bring out your style.

  6. Layers Layers and Layers!
    I think I can certainly understand..
    Sometimes I wish I lived in a country that has 4 season contrary to PH's 2.
    I recently moved in a workplace in Makati, and the new office has very cold centralized AC going as cold as 15'.
    Never thought I would make use of the scarves and thick jackets Ive been keeping.
    But stepping out of the office is different, its going to be hot, so I have to remove them.

  7. I am really uninformed about dress or protecting oneself from cold weather. What I learned about layering is only for agriculture. Now this proceedings I know that it has much to do with the pieces of clothes you wear to prevent or make yourself protected from the chilling effect of the winter.

    1. heheheh! another means of layer are An item of clothing worn over or under another!!

  8. Thanks for this post! I now have an idea what to wear during cold months in Japan. :D

  9. Wearing appropriate clothes is a good thing for first it makes one more at ease and second more healthy rin.

  10. I've been dreaming of wearing that outfit. I love layering plus the hats and scarves.

  11. I love layering clothes and going to cold places but I'm yet to experience a real winter with all the snow and be able engage in winter activities. Those are in my bucket list and I bet I real good winter outfit is a must.

  12. I want to travel to cold places because I have always dreamt of enrobing myself in an Alexander McQueen trenchcoat without looking out-of-place! :)

  13. I started collecting scarves last summer! But most of my scarves are given for free by different online shops :) Buti nalang libre so I don't need to spend much for my collection!


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